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Using DISC To Determine Your UVP Superpower

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Building your UVP is hard work. You have acknowledged your pitch needs work, found out what your customer needs and assessed your platform, it is time to explore your uniqueness. Caring more than the next person, providing good service, having been trapped doing the same thing for 20 years, and offering open house flyers don’t count. There is a paradigm that we need to break from that has us spouting our resume as if anyone cares.   

The true pro understands, at a behavioral level, what separates them from their competitor and leverages it to add value. When you tell someone that you provide great service or spout off a product feature, you are noisy. You are the static we are all working desperately to avoid in our lives. How do you avoid being reduced to static? Examine the behavioral and tactical traits that add value.

My favorite behavioral tool is the DISC report. I make sure I have one on file for every client, team member and even my reluctant family members. There are plenty of behavioral and personality assessments on the market all of them give you insights. From a marketing perspective, knowing someone’s DISC profile gives you clear insights into what makes them unique. I recommend checking out this great site on DISC and if you would haven’t taken one in a while, contact me and I will get one set up for you.  


If you are “High D” you are driven, ambitious and strong-willed. You get things done. This is a superpower in our business. One of my High D associates takes loans that have been declined elsewhere and gets them done through sheer force of will. That is a great uniqueness for her elevator pitch.   


“High I” is reserved for extroverts. Their uniqueness generally manifests as the ability to quickly and efficiently create rapport and build strong referral relationships. Often the High I does not even know where their business comes from; it just keeps flowing in. The superpower is relationships, and it is unique from the other three.  


When nothing rattles you, it could be that you are a “High S.” The superpower of the High S is that under all circumstances, they are unflappable. When a loan is going sideways, they don’t panic. They never create unnecessary strain in the transaction and help ground everyone every day. This is a spectacular uniqueness that helps close deals on time!


So, you love excel spreadsheets and understand your pipeline better than anyone in the company? Nothing falls through the cracks and your detail orientation has helped you extract new business from unlikely sources. You are probably a “High C”. This group uses its superpowers to launch and measure successful marketing campaigns and analyze behaviors. High Cs work great with investors and are amazing at helping Realtors implement their plans.   


Beyond the behavioral traits that make you unique, there are the tactical things you do that separate you from the pack. These are the business practices that help you generate consistent business that would be valuable to your Realtor partner. These include co-branded drip marketing, access to unique technology, post-closing housewarming parties, and guaranteeing a closing date.

When we combine behavior and tactics, we see what makes us unique. As you can see, we are going way beyond good service and asking what superpower you have that makes a relationship with you mandatory. The follow-up question is, how does your uniqueness translate into actual value for your clients and partners? We will explore that more deeply in the last installment of our UVP series.     

  1. Why Your UVP Matters: Your elevator pitch is probably horrible.

  2. Know Your Client:  Are you solving a problem or THE problem?

  3. Know Your Platform:  Does your platform add value?

  4. Understand Your Uniqueness:  What differentiates you from the rest? – The one you just read, yup, this one.  

  5. Put It Together:  Create your rock star elevator pitch.

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