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How is that UVP Coming?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Your Unique Value Proposition is one of the core components of a robust social strategy. By defining what sets you apart from the competition, you are enabling yourself to build an online community. It takes time and dedication to sit down and reflect on your personal qualities, but it’s going to pay off over time. Your UVP emphasizes your branding for your business and gives substance to your posts. You have to ask yourself, Is Your Unique Value Reflected Online?  If you haven’t already started working on your UVP, now is the time. 

“Two out of three buyers researched prospective agents extensively online prior to working with them.” – Google

The cornerstone of any business is the answer to the question, why me? Our eBook will walk you through a simple, four-step process to define what sets you apart. Don’t settle for your companies generic marketing language. Take control of your digital and face to face handshake.  

To download Why You? To get started on taking your digital handshake to the next level. 

Some of the key concepts discussed in the book go over how to differentiate yourself from others. 

Know Your Audience:

Your message has to resonate to be heard. Telling people what you do is different than evoking the proper emotion in the right moment that converts a prospect to a buyer. As salespeople, we are faced with walls of noise. The only way to be heard is to align your voice with the needs of your people in the right moment. Anyone can meet basic needs (excellent service), but you need to solve THE problem. What problem are you solving today? Is it THE problem? 

Know Your Platform:

The next step in your UVP construction is to review your platform. Do you understand what influence you have? Do you know the value they add to your business? Seth Kahan, the author of Getting Innovation Right, defines how platforms create value in three ways: Creating new business, extracting more business, and facilitating better business. Your elevator pitch is likely dependent on your platform. Do a quick check on the value your platform brings to the table to determine the ways it can help make your pitch unstoppable. 

Know Yourself:

The real pro understands, at the behavioral level, what separates them from their competitor and leverages it to add value. Our favorite behavioral tool is the DISC report. From a marketing perspective, knowing someone’s DISC profile gives you clear insights into what makes them unique. 

Unlocking your social strategy will open your business up to virtual connections like never before. You must implement a systematic approach to your online presence. 

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