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Staying Connected To Your Social Community during COVID

Staying connected to your social community is very important during this time. This summer has been a strange time for everyone, and as a service professional, it’s essential to adapt to the changing times. As businesses grapple with COVID-19, it does require a change in social strategy and daily operations. Some things in your social plan don’t have to change. 

Keep your Community at the Forefront of Strategy: 

You might not be able to post about as many local events as before, but you can still focus on keeping your audience engaged with their town. Post about resources that your area provides for people in need, or provide information for your industry. 

Be True to Your Core Values:

Your core values should shine during this time. If you’ve outlined in your UVP that you are committed to giving back to your community, show that you are active in leadership, volunteering, or charity work in their backyards. Your posts must be authentic to your brand, so highlight the pieces that will reflect your personality. 

Personal Content Still Wins: 

Many people in your sphere of influence know you personally, so it’s essential that they can see and connect with you virtually during this time. Not only does this help maintain your relationships, but it will also help newcomers get to see and know you. Share about your experiences at this time, and share relatable moments. 

Be careful when it comes to your tone; consider that this is a difficult time, so your messaging should signal compassion and serving others. Marketing during this time can be challenging. Hard selling is not useful during a pandemic. Instead of pushing too much about your services, shift to promoting your brand. 

Focus on Advertising through Testimonials: 

Testimonials are an excellent way to actively promote your business without feeling like you’re pushing your services onto your followers. You’re showing that you have a proven track record for providing for your clients and offering quality advice and assistance. 

Build Trust through your Social Community: 

Having an audience on social media is excellent. Still, it’s vital that when they see your content, they are reminded that you are a resource to provide insight and education about your industry. This takes time, consistency, and effort. Find your way to connect with your followers in a meaningful way. 

Keep your social strategy on track during this time, and adapt to changes as they come. Staying flexible will help your brand stay connected with your audience. For additional information about keeping your plan flexible, read some of our helpful articles!

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