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Using Core Values to Structure your Business: Communicate your Strengths

Why Core Values Matter:

Every professional is different, and you want to align your goals with your client’s needs. For instance, if they are working with a short time frame and you streamline the process, it’s a good match. By clearly communicating your strengths and values, your business will stand out from your competition. Define your core values to show who you are and start building trust today! 

Your service to your customer is the heart of your business, and developing your core values will solidify an excellent customer experience. On the other hand, without a clear structure, your message can be lost in translation. Begin the process by reflecting on your character and define what makes your business unique and why people should choose you. 


Begin to dig into your values; ask yourself what motivates you? How do they help you accomplish your goals? Or what traits do you have that convey your dedication to your work? Staying motivated is vital to providing excellent service, so know what matters to you. 


Who are you? Think about your character and how it affects your business. List out your favorite traits about yourself. For example, if you’re goal-oriented, you thrive in a setting where you are meeting deadlines and making progress. Also, defining your strengths is an essential step for how your uniqueness plays a role in your professionalism.


How does your service provide value? Outline how your service goes above and beyond the expected. Similarly, what can you give back to your community? Interacting with people outside of your professional sphere, it offers a taste of your quality service. Above all, your quality of service will win over clients every time. In other words, it’s all about the additional value you offer beyond checking the required boxes. Look for the specialties that set you apart. For inspiration, ask a friend, or look at the testimonials that your clients have written about you. 

Shaping your UVP: 

With all the competition out there, why should a potential client use you? If you can’t answer that question, you need to start developing your Unique Value Proposition. Tie your values to your UVP, and let your personality shine through. Therefore, your social media presence should always be authentic to you and convey an honest picture of your services. In short, think of your UVP as your roadmap for the core strategy of your business. As a result, it keeps your message on track and aligned with your overall social strategy. 

  1. Edit down your core values to a few concise facets, don’t overcomplicate things.

  2. Be true to your character, and very honest in your evaluation

  3. Invoke action through your values. 

Furthermore, by developing your UVP and your core values, you are communicating what clients should expect from you. Share your goals, and be open about who you are. Most importantly, your UVP will be your guide to make sure that all your marketing efforts are staying true to who you are. Also, it’s a reminder to convey your personality in all aspects of your business. Additionally, to learn more about defining your core values, check out this article “7 Steps to Discover Your Personal Core Values.”

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