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Managing Your Social Strategy: Adapting to the Changes in Technology and Society

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Your social strategy should always be evolving – as much as people wish they could set it and forget it, it’s not possible. Many factors go into your social strategy. It requires flexibility and a strategic edge. Social media revolves around new technology and reflects the social atmosphere that collectively represents its community. Keeping a pulse on what’s happening both in society and technology is the key to an active social media presence. 

Changes in Technology: 

If you’ve been using social media for a while, you start to realize that it’s always changing. Whether that’s an update in the app’s layout or a change in the algorithm, it’s impossible to keep doing the same thing and expect excellent results. 

Whenever your posts aren’t getting the same engagement they used to, try something new! Do some research to see what’s working for others and test out new tactics. 

Changes in Society: 

Apart from altering your strategy to accommodate your platforms, you also should be thinking about what current events are happening. It’s a difficult time, and it’s essential to adjust your social strategy to adapt to the world. Do your research, if you’re going to comment on a current situation, make sure that you are accurately representing facts. Make sure that your content’s tone matches to the current climate, and keep empathy in mind. 

It’s critical to reflect on your social media and to adjust your social strategy. Dissect the data to see what’s working and what is not. From there, you can decide what plan to follow and share your message. Make all your decisions based on what’s working, and from the feedback from your audience. 

Develop the core structure of your strategy. Decide the basics, how often should you be posting? What type of content does your audience like? You can create content pillars of the kind of content that you want to promote, as well as the themes you use. Your content strategy is a blend of what you want to communicate and what your audience wants/needs. 

It’s a good idea to keep a pulse on social media updates; we suggest subscribing to a newsletter like Social Fresh or Social Media Examiner for content that keeps you updated about changes to the platforms and strategies. 

With an effective social strategy, you will see your social presence build meaningful connections and brand awareness for your business.


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