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LinkedIn: Three Methods for Increasing Engagement

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

LinkedIn is an incredible tool to stay in touch with business contacts and build your referral business. Take the time to review your profile to ensure that it accurately represents your brand. Having a solid presence will go far for your online credibility. Before you dive into improving your reach, make sure you brush up on the importance of consistency of your pages by reading our article, Defining Your Brand Through Consistency: Maintaining Your Online Presence. 

Once you’ve developed a strong brand on LinkedIn, it’s time to make sure that you’re connected to your network. We suggest combing through your database to ensure you haven’t forgotten any relevant contacts. 

An essential aspect of your social strategy on LinkedIn is having a high level of engagement with your content. To increase your metrics, we suggest a few strategies to build up your platform. 

Don’t forget to tag connections in your posts: 

Incorporate group pictures or cooperative content into your posting schedule. Make sure you tag the other members in your posts, and you will quickly see your reach increase. The way this works is that people in their network see this post as well. Only tag users if they are directly involved in the post, otherwise it can come across as spammy.

Post Articles with Open-Ended Questions: 

Start a discussion and give your audience a chance to share their opinions and thoughts. You can use a tool like Feedly or Flipboard to help you curate good content based on your interests or industry. When you post an article, it should have the intention of educating or offering something of value to your audience. Ask for participation or offer to answer any questions they might have. 

Actively Interact with Your Feed:

Get in the habit of scrolling through your LinkedIn feed and commenting and liking other people’s content. The more you interact with others, the higher the chance of starting a valuable exchange. It takes some time to invest in your social platforms, so make your goals realistic for the time you have available. Another great way to interact with your connections is to send direct messages on LinkedIn to check in on their business.

However, you choose to use your LinkedIn; you must keep your business goals top of mind. LinkedIn is a professional network, so stay within the parameters of the platform. For more information about using LI for business, read our article, How to Use LinkedIn as a Real Estate Pro.


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