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Triple your Reviews by Going 360

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Gathering reviews is a continuous process that takes time, to build your foundation for reviews, read our blog post “Digital Reviews: How to get them and Which Reviews Sites are Necessary.” People rely on testimonials to research professionals before they commit, “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your expertise. We suggest you take it a step further and go 360 with your reviews! 

Once you’ve developed your system for asking for reviews, you must expand your reach beyond your clients. Facebook and Google are the review platforms driving SEO. Your business will thrive if you can win at the local SEO game. Your network is a valuable resource, and you can use it for everyone’s benefit.  Every time you close a deal is your chance to go 360! 

How do you go 360? 

Every service provider associated with a transaction can give you a review, and vice versa.  Listing agent, buying agent, mortgage planner, escrow officer, pest company, contractor, home warranty company, insurance agent, etc.   

Think about the people who you work with regularly, what can you say about them to represent their valuable services? Within your industry, you have an established network waiting to back you up.  Everyone benefits from going 360!

Give before you receive. You should always take the opportunity to support your industry professionals, so start writing reviews for all your trusted professionals. Google and Facebook do not require reviews to come from clients. Write a review for your providers on Google and Facebook. Lastly, send a message with links to your sites and ask them to write a testimonial for you.

More than likely, they will return the favor, and you’re both developing your online presence together.     

Going 360 is an excellent opportunity to add value and go deeper with your partners. Not only does this help grow your credibility, but it also lays the foundation to establish your relationships throughout your industry. Furthermore, other professionals are working toward building their reputations. Together, you can work toward the same goal. 

Putting it together: 

Next time you are about to close a deal, reach out to your colleagues to let them know that you left a review on their site, and ask if they would do the same. In practice, you can quickly double your online reviews in a short period. It doesn’t take much time, and it will improve your local search ranking dramatically. Coupled with your reviews from clients, you are on your way to a robust online presence.

You can’t wait for reviews to come to you; it’s an active process that takes follow up, commitment, and consistency. It’s worth your time because these public rankings are significant for establishing your credibility online. It could be the difference between a potential client calling you or picking someone else with a better rating. 


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