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The Million Dollar Sentence. Assembling Your UVP.

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Every day, there is a 1 million dollar prize waiting for you. If you had to summarize your UVP into the perfect elevator pitch and deliver it in front of a panel of judges and the prize was 1 million dollars, you would  spend the next month practicing. What is the lifetime value of a top referral partner?  The leads, the referrals from those leads, the repeat business from the entire lot. Every day, the 1 million dollar prize waits to be unlocked by that one sentence.

Knowing that, we still struggle to spit out a compelling reason for someone to choose us. If you have followed along, you realize this must be done, you have assessed your clients needs, your platform, your uniqueness and now we pull it together. Below I have outlined a couple of real life before and after elevator pitch examples.    

The Formula

Client Needs + Platform Uniqueness + Your Uniqueness + Value Added = Your Ultimate UVP

The Examples

Next, we will review a few examples from actual consults I have completed.  I have focused on the MLO pitching Realtor partners but the principle applies across the board.  

From: I have been in the business a long time and solve problems people can’t.     

To: I have closed over 1500 loans and my detail orientation helped me fund 2 deals last month that were declined elsewhere. How much time could you save if you didn’t have to waste time with second opinions?

From: I communicate during the transaction better than anyone.   

To: My clients love my 7 step co-branded video campaign that keeps them informed during every step of the transaction. Last month alone, I received 3 referrals during the transaction and two of them needed agents.   

From: I convert leads really well and would love to help you with your Zillow platform.  

To: Do you know the DISC assessment?  I am a high D which means I am pretty strong willed. I partner well with relationship based agents because I am persistent enough to get leads converted.  I average 7 calls per lead and improved the ROI for my last agent 147% over 6 months. I would love to be your closer. 

From: I work by referral only, that means that your clients get the best service.   

To: My proprietary and disciplined system of client communication is so good, that I receive referrals from 25% of my previous clients and have done more than one loan for 50% of my database.  That means, that when you and I work together, you can expect improved referral relationships.   

From: I have a zero down payment program that you can’t get anywhere else.  

To: My company is the 3rd largest mortgage bank in the country, with access to proprietary loan products like the zero down program. Using that tool, I help my agents generate more buyer leads from your listings and convert more of those into closed deals.  

From: Every lead you send me gets joint marketed because we have a great CRM.  

To: In an increasingly digital world most of us struggle to implement technology that increases income. I have put a simple program in place that links you to every single lead you refer me and markets them jointly. You can expect a lift in conversion of your internet leads from between 20-30%.      

There is no one right answer and the ideas above are just a sample of what is possible.  The key is to do the work of knowing thyself and articulating it in a compelling way.

Our 5 part UVP creation series has drawn to a close.  Keep your eyes out for the e-book and fillable form in the coming weeks!

  1. Why Your UVP Matters: Your elevator pitch is probably horrible.

  2. Know Your Client:  Are you solving a problem or THE problem?

  3. Know Your Platform:  Does your platform add value?

  4. Understand Your Uniqueness:  What differentiates you from the rest? 

  5. Put It Together:  Create your rock star elevator pitch – The one you just read, yup, this one.  

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