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Social Strategy: Organic Content Vs. Paid Reach

There are two different types of social strategies – organic content and paying to advertise. Your organic reach is the visibility your pages have without paying. Social media’s organic reach has been steadily declining, as the channels become saturated with content. Currently, Facebook has an average organic reach of around 6.4% or less of the page’s total likes. Instagram has approximately 2.2%. Whatever platform you are working on, make sure that you’re getting the most out of your posts. Check out our Best Practices for Maximizing Engagement article to learn more about optimizing your posts. 

If you do not see numbers like the ones above, you need to improve your organic reach strategy. Social media platforms sort content based on algorithms that give priority to specific posts. Facebook rates posts on a relevancy score and quality. If your audience interacts with your content, they will see your next post. Ask engaging questions, or post something relevant to your audience. Monitor the performance of your posts, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Improve Your Organic Reach: 

  1. Post Videos – Video is king, and images are queen. 

  2. Using Stories –  Give more behind the scenes insight into your business. 

  3. Posting Schedule – Develop a consistent posting schedule and stick with it! 

  4. Relevant Content – Knowing your audience and posting what they like.  

Converting social followers to paying customers is a challenge, so focus on building relationships with your audience instead of selling a product or service. Organic content is all about providing content that is similar to content your audience has interacted with or might appreciate. Focus on the long game, and put the work in to build the trust. 

In contrast to organic reach, you can also tap into paid reach. If you’re looking to reach new potential clients, advertising on social media can be a very effective strategy. You should maximize your organic engagement before advertising on social media. Your ads will be more effective if your ad sends leads to a robust business page. Create a reasonable budget for your advertising and consistently stick to it. 

Knowing when to advertise: 

  1. Develop your target audience – who you’re trying to reach. 

  2. Build your foundation – advertise once you’ve built up your business page to look professional. 

  3. Avoid Boosting posts – Don’t waste money on boosting posts to reach more of your audience. Your money is better spent reaching your target audience who aren’t familiar with your brand. 

There are a lot of strategies to use before you start advertising. Even if your reach is not as high as you would like, the most important thing is that your social media presence is strong and visible to potential clients. Monitor your content to improve your engagement rates, and figure out what your audience wants to see. Start by mastering organic content and then build well-crafted ads that mirror your brand’s message. 


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