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Social Media Best Practices: Make the Most of Your Posts

Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your posts? To get the most out of your content, include these three elements in all your posts – tagging, check-ins, and hashtags. Go above and beyond to reach as many people and build your online presence. 


As a business, you have access to many people – employees, coworkers, and other industry-related professionals. Social media is your opportunity to connect to your network, and include them in your posts. By tagging other people in your posts, you are reaching a larger audience that’s new to your services. Some examples for when to tag is to give credit, promoting services, and tag other businesses to raise awareness. 

Best practices:

It’s best to ask people for their permission before tagging anyone, and use tags sparingly you don’t want to spam anyone. Only tag people that are in or directly related to the post. Encourage your friends and clients to tag you in their posts whenever they interact with your brand. 

Checking in/Tagging Your Location 

When you post to your business page, be sure to check-in at your business, this will raise awareness and improve your search ranking. If you want to take it to the next level, ask your clients to check into your business when they visit. 

People value online reviews, and if your clients are publically supporting your business, it’s free advertising for your services!  People can search for locations on Facebook/Instagram, and they’ve been using it similarly to Yelp. Get creative in the ways you ask people to check-in at your business, for more ideas, read “Utilizing Facebook Check-ins for your business.” 

Best practices: 

When you post videos, always check-in to your location, videos are seen by more people, so this will get the most exposure. When visiting local businesses, be sure to check-in to show your support. Always include a location when you post so that people might find your post when searching for a location. According to Forth Source, “Posts with a tagged location result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location.”, you don’t want to miss out on location searches! 

Including Hashtags: 

Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media sites use hashtags, so don’t be afraid to throw some into your posts! The point of hashtags is to allow your posts to be easily accessible through searches. For example, if you’re posting for  #MotivationMonday, and someone searches for this hashtag, your post might come up on their search results. You will also need a branded hashtag that you put on all your business posts. Keep it short and memorable, and start branding your posts! 

There are some great hashtag tools that you should try to get started: 

  1. FocalMark


  3. #Hashme

Best Practice:

Posts that include hashtags get more engagement. Always include a branded hashtag in your business content, and occasionally include relevant hashtags that are trending. If you’re worried about having multiple hashtags in your description, try adding your hashtags into a comment on the post. 


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