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Make Next Year Great For Your Social Strategy: 2020 Here We Come!

As 2019 draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your social strategy and plan for the future. Social media is constantly evolving, and there’s always something new to learn. Your strategy cannot be set in stone, so keep your plan flexible. Test things out and focus on what works for you. Don’t let this constant shifting discourage you, have some fun with testing out new concepts, and see what happens! 

Some of the lessons we’ve learned from 2019 are that videos are king for social engagement, direct messaging has become the preferred communication channel, and marketers are using social media to drive conversions. We’ve continued to see a decrease in organic reach for business pages, and an increase in ad spend. 

Social Media Examiner published its predictions for 2020’s social trends, and one of the common themes is the increased cost of advertising. Don’t feel like you need to pay to play. Your strategy should support organic reach and strengthening your relationships with your network. 

  1. Use Stories to Connect with Your Community: 

Stories are huge drivers for engagement and visibility. Share your authentic, and personal content as a story. Try throwing in some business content in between your other content to make sure people are seeing your content. Always tell a story, your brand needs to connect with people on a human level. A peek behind the scenes helps people feel connected with your brand. Test out announcing new posts on your story. You can use the story as a teaser to share a bit, but they need to click through to the post to see the full message. 

  1. Organic Reach – How to reach the most people without advertising:  

Personal content performs better than business content, so incorporate your personality onto your page and find a good balance between the types of content you post. Videos have really great reach, so play around with videos. Connect with people through DMs and start building your relationships. Pair your email and social together to maximize your reach.  

  1. Humanize Your Brand – Authentic Content: 

People would rather see authentic content, than polished, perfect marketing. Find what works for your brand, and run with it! Develop your UVP, and play to your strengths. Focus on giving people a chance to connect with your brand, and engage with your content. To learn more about defining your authentic content, check out our post “Who Are You? Developing Your Brand Through Authenticity.” 

Social media has become a huge channel for businesses to connect with their audiences in a transformative way. Marketers learned that beyond building relationships, social media is a platform that can convert prospects to clients. Having a strong Digital Handshake is necessary for brands regardless of what industry you’re in. 

As we watch how the upcoming year unfolds, we will learn more about what strategies will work, and what doesn’t. Learn to adapt to the changing social landscape and make 2020 a great year for your social strategy! 


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