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How A Morning Ritual and A Umpire’s Tool Create 5X Productivity Increase

One of the greatest things about Sales Mastery is the best practice focus.   Every year there is a new crop of top producers that share their secret sauce with the rest of us.   There are always some amazing nuggets.   

One of the most important things we can do as humans is learn from the example set by others.  Unfortunately, most of us aren’t any good at it.  We live within our ego and it tells us that we are somehow different or we can create a different result or we are not capable of achieving something.

Josh Mettle – 50 units per month, Utah

– If you start reactive, you finish reactive.  You have to have a morning routine. Josh starts every day pro-actively with a morning routine that includes 24 ozs of cold water, a protein shake, 5 minutes of stretching and one cup of coffee.

–  You have to have prospecting rigidity.  We all know we need to prospect.  Josh keeps his prospecting rigidity by keeping all of his outside influencing tech off until he is done.  2 hrs a day, 5 days per week.

Cody Hardridge – 30 units per month, OKC

–  Make 80-100 phone calls per week.  Cody uses a pitch counter that allows him to track all of his calls for the week.  Plus, it gives him accountability with his team.  It is always on his desk.

–  Perfect your Realtor sales pitch.  Cody practices and practices his High Trust Sales pitch.  He also employs the magic question:  “Who are you showing houses to in the next 7 days that I need to have a conversation with so I can optimize their purchase power?”

Jeremy Forcier – 30 units per month, No. CA

– Schedule your time from 9:30-6:00 PM every day.  Jeremy is time blocked from 9:30 – 6:00 every day.  He has a full time scheduler that fills up each and every slot with the appropriate calls.  If he is prospecting, he knows who his calling.

– If your assistant doesn’t work from a checklist you are your assistant’s assistant.  I haven’t heard this before, but it makes sense.  How many of us spend time thinking about what our assistant should be doing and directing them?  You end up working for them!

Which best practice above could improve your game?

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