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Developing Your Voice on Social Media Through Clear Messaging and Authenticity

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

An essential part of your social media brand is developing a voice for your content. The commentary that you include with your posts should leave readers wanting more, and help them get to know you. Your visual content will capture their attention, but your captions will keep them engaged. Your first sentence should be the hook and convince your audience to continue reading the rest of your caption.  Ask yourself, how can you communicate your message clearly, in an authentic way? 

Define Your Language and Style Choices: 

The way you write will influence how your audience perceives your brand. It’s worth your time to come up with your brand guide for captions. What words do you use, what mottos to do you live by, how can you share your style? By taking the time to create your style, you increase your brand’s consistency. You also can choose whether or not you like writing longer captions or something short. 

Set the Tone: 

When your audience reads your posts, it should be infused with your personality, and the tone should stay line up with your brand’s image. If you’re upbeat in your everyday life, you should mirror that energy into your social strategy. One of the best parts of social media is that it promotes individuality, so it’s your opportunity to share your personality with your audience. 

Create Branded Hashtags: 

Another way to infuse your voice into your posts is to develop branded hashtags to communicate the core principles of your business. Whether they come directly from your mission statement, or just describe your brand, they should add clarity to your messaging. A benefit of having a branded hashtag is that it can easily be searched and have all your posts come up. Your hashtags will be influential in increasing your discoverability. 

Social media is such a powerful business tool because it helps you build trust before you even meet a potential client. Your voice establishes your brand and reinforces your credibility. It’s an important foundational piece that allows your brand to be effective in a cluttered digital space. There are so many resources to build the foundation of your brand’s voice; we’ve included a few resources to get you started. Read How to Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice by Buffer to find the three c’s of brand voice. Another great article is How to Establish Your Brand ‘Voice’ on Social Media by Hootsuite. Find the method that works for you, and start working on your brand’s voice! 


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