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Building your Referral Network: Highlight industry professionals, clients, and staff

Business is about who you know, so keep in touch with people within your industry. Think about who you know and how to help each other. Get in the habit of highlighting the people that are important to your business. Give a shoutout once a month to your past clients, or other industry professionals, they might even return the favor! 

Establish your network: Make a list of the people who you do business with frequently as well as the other industry professionals that you trust. Additionally, if you have staff that helps to make your work possible, be sure to thank them as well! Think about what you can say about them, and cycle through your contents to give frequent shoutouts. 

An easy way to stay up to date with these people is to set up your social media to give them priority in your feed. For instance, you can do this by following a branded hashtag on Instagram or to giving their page priority in your Facebook feed. Beyond giving them a shoutout, you want to engage with their posts and openly show your support. Above all, for your past clients, make sure you have a process for adding them to your social network after your transactions have closed. 

Setting up your Social Media Priorities: 


Add them to your “Close friends list” on IG

Follow a  branded hashtag to see their posts 


Change the following status to “See First.”

Add to “Close friends list” on Facebook. 

Create a System:

Set up a schedule for shoutouts, maybe every Tuesday you post a “Testimonial Tuesday” to share about your experiences working with other professionals in the area. 

  1. Featured Agents/Industry professionals/staff: 

Highlight people that you’ve done business with that always handle situations with professionalism and integrity. 

  1. Featured Clients: 

Give your past clients a note of appreciation to remind them that you are still in business and appreciate their referrals. Keeping in touch with your clients ensures that they remember you. Above all, you want to stay top of mind. 

Spread Awareness: 

Offer your clients something of value: 

If you’re in the lending or real estate industry, it’s a great idea to have content to send to potential buyers/prospects. Maybe you offer a buyers guide or other free educational content. 

For example, it could be something like moving from out of the area? Don’t worry, here’s my list of top restaurants, service professionals, and best neighborhoods. Connect with me if you need any recommendations! 

Make sure you are ready to back this up, so make sure your network is trustworthy and prepared to handle your referrals! 


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