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Be Proactive: Share your knowledge before clients have to ask questions

Questions are at the heart of engagement, which drives your social strategy forward. Start conversations with your followers and let others share their experiences. Collectively, your page will become a resource for potential customers to learn about your services and expertise before meeting you. 

Give Clarity on Common Misunderstandings – FAQ: 

Make a list of your most frequently asked questions, which ones can you summarize to help clarify a process? By taking the time to share your expertise on social, it improves your credibility by establishing your knowledge base. Create a campaign out of providing answers to questions, something like #TuesdayTips or #FAQFriday

  1. Pick a category for the topic 

  2. Find examples where people asked you something to do with the issue 

  3. Summarize the main points

  4. Offer your expertise on the subject if they have further questions. 

Focus on a Type of Client or Potential Client: 

Start by defining the ideal candidate for this type of product you’re offering. Maybe go through some requirements, and provide advice to people who are working their way to being approved. 

For instance, what are some of your biggest obstacles that past clients have faced that you can explain and share how you brought them to the other side? 

However, helping others cannot be motivated by closing a deal; it has to be a strategy for the betterment of others. Sharing your knowledge is your long game strategy. If you help someone with a problem to get them back on track, they will likely go to you in the future. 


Another strategy for this approach is to think of common mistakes that people make in your industry and teach clients how to avoid them. Give them resources, and show them that you’ve helped clients who already made those mistakes, and how you can get them out of trouble. These helpful hints will save your audience time and money, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 


Furthermore, infographics are an easy way to convey a snapshot of information with a simple explanation to clarify industry jargon or how consumers are affected by your topic. Keep in mind that these visuals need to be eye-catching and informative with limited space. Pick a topic to explain concisely. 

In conclusion, opening yourself up as a resource, you are welcoming people to come to you without fearing a sales pitch. Build trust through solutions and offer advice whenever you can. Therefore, this long game is worth playing, and service is what people talk about and who they refer to family and friends. Put the time in now and invest in the future of your business. 


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