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You Can Only Achieve What You Really, Really Believe

Andy Andrews is a gifted speaker!  If you ever get a chance… see him.  At the 2013 Sales Mastery event he spent the first 30 minutes delivering one part comedy routine, one part leadership analogy.   Then, his eyes focused his gestures settled down and BOOM he grabbed us all by the ear and drug us down the road to leadership clarity.   

“Goals are ridiculous because they are lies.”   Most salespeople have been there done that.  We sit down and convince ourselves we are going to double our volume, because our that is what our boss expects.    The reality is that since we really don’t believe, achievement is unlikely.

So, great, how do I learn to really, really believe?

What is in it for me?  

We set goals to achieve something.   Often we fail to answer the why question.  Why is that important, how will my life change?  Is this really aligned with my needs.    Andy proposed that if you can’t clearly articulate the WIIFM question and if it doesn’t pull you forward, you are in trouble.

Find proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  

Can you find proof that accomplishing your goals will give you the desired result?  Is there proof that what you want to achieve is possible within your capabilities?   While this might seem like permission to think small, the opposite is true.   Expand your box, learn, grow, seek out the right mentors.  Find examples of the success you will achieve and go for it.  I gathered from Andy that proof is about the aggregation of tools, skills and resources necessary to achieve your goals.

Change your thinking.  

OK, this one isn’t ground breaking, but I needed to be reminded.  As our bodies are a reflection of our diet and exercise, our work results are a reflection of thoughts.  Be a life long learner, study those who have achieved your level of success.   Maintain your daily disciplines.  Consume quality content.  Watch less TV.    Our thinking defines our limitations.

One of Andy’s books The Traveler’s Gift had a huge impact on me.  I recommend you pick it up and give it a read.

How have your beliefs limited your success and how did you fix it?

Photo:  Andy Andrews and Bill Hart at Sales Mastery 2013 (selfie by Bill Hart, photobombed by Linda Davidson)

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