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Why You? You have 5 seconds. Go.

Updated: Mar 13

Personal branding is one of the more often discussed and infrequently executed mortgage and real estate strategies. Over 200 Realtors have attended our Digital Handshake workshop, and very few can answer the question:  “Why would I use you?”

Realtor brand strategy often falls into two categories: 1) Adopt your Brokerage or Bank’s brand and look, feel, and sound like all 200 of your fellow agents. 2) Work hard to create a fancy logo and then use the words “expertise” and “service” in every headline. Both strategies used successfully and even promoted are less than ideal in a social media-driven, influencer-centric economy.

The whole point of branding and marketing is to differentiate, not assimilate.

– Marc Davison 1000 Watt

More than a logo

Four years ago, I was promoting the construction of personal brand marks, aka logos.  The strategy is so pervasive that California is creating legislation to limit confusion. The problem in a social media-driven world is that our short attention spans demand clarity. It is confusing when you are part of a real estate franchise and then use your team logo and attempt to fit your headshot in there. Your brand is more than a logo; your brand is you.

I propose you use your likeness and the right Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to build trust and close more deals. You are the owner of your business; you are the brand. Your parent company can sit comfortably in the background as a sign of stability and support.

Once you figure out how you want to look online, the real work begins. Building trust in the story of you when you only have 5 seconds is the game. Why are you different? Why are you unique?  How can you solve your client’s problem?

The challenge is moving beyond the cliche words you read every day and getting to the heart of your strength. Below, we have linked the blog posts and UVP eBook we have assembled to walk you through creating your UVP.   Happy Writing.

Resources for your UVP journey:

If you would like to read more about our process for helping Realtors and MLO’s build their own UVP, Download the UVP Ebook.  

We also wrote a series of blog posts on the topic of constructing your UVP here:  

  1. Know Your Platform:  Does your platform add value?

  2. Understand Your Uniqueness:  What differentiates you from the rest?

  3. Why Your UVP Matters: Your elevator pitch is probably horrible.

  4. Know Your Client:  Are you solving a problem or THE problem?

  5. Put It Together:  Create your rock star elevator pitch.

Finally, our favorite free personality tests:  

Myers Briggs –

DiSC Profile –

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