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Why You? [E-book Release]

Updated: Mar 13

I had lunch with a friend the other day and he looked right at me and said, “You know I just closed a Rocket Mortgage in 15 days and never talked to anyone. What are you guys going to do about that?”

The reality is the market is changing. We need to be brutally clear about the value we bring to the market, our partners and the clients we serve. I am shocked at the number of Lenders and Realtors that are unable to answer that question in a compelling way.

The Urgency

The rise of the digital market has changed just about everything. Your clients are spending time researching you online before you are able to verbally tell your story. I have yet to conduct a single digital assessment in which the UVP of the Realtor or MLO was clearly defined and consistent across the key portals and social platforms.   

Why the gap?    

I believe that most independent sales pros work best face to face. We often rely on our ability to carry dialogue to validate our trustworthiness and close deals. At this point, our local expertise is being challenged by the pervasive digitization of the market. For the first time in our industry, the “big guys” can look like local experts.     

Why You 3-D

Our first e-book provides a four step roadmap to perfecting the ultimate elevator pitch. This pitch can be used face to face and to clarify your digital footprint. What better time than now to improve your digital footprint?

Download the Ebook Below

WhyYou.ebook NVL
Download PDF • 741KB

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