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Why Facebook Algorithm Changes (Likely) Do Not Matter to You One Bit

Are you worried about how the Facebook algorithm changes will affect your business? There are more powerful ways to use social media beyond sponsored ads. Here are three key elements to building stronger relationships and staying relevant to the people who matter.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and between the guy from high school that is preparing for his kid’s wedding (oh crap) and vacation pics from people I don’t actually know, I find myself staring at sponsored ads. Some of them are dressed up to look like content, and some of them do contain value; however, for the most part, all of us are scrolling through hundreds of paid advertisements. What is missing from most people’s social media feeds are non-promoted posts from businesses we actually “Like”.   

Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world at the beginning of 2018 that he wanted Facebook to be more social and for people to see fewer posts from businesses and profiles acting like businesses.

The thing is, most real estate agents lack a broad, organic reach from their business pages anyway. So, shifting the focus from advertising to bringing communities closer together is not a loss for our industry. The latest Facebook algorithm changes aren’t as scary as you think.

I received a panicked call from a client calling the time they spent on Facebook over the last several years as “wasted” time. There was a presumption that the world is somehow coming to an end with the new Facebook algorithm changes. So, being the resourceful individual I am, I popped open their page and made an observation. One of their recent posts included pictures of a track home with an invitation to visit an open house which had been seen by approximately 30 people. So, the big loss, for most of us, is nothing at all. Which will not come as a surprise, if you view this change as a new path for continued growth.

It is time for us to remodel our behavior and use these tools the way they were intended. These are social networks after all. Most of us real estate pros have treated Facebook like a free billboard instead of using it to keep in touch with others. Here are 3 strategies to ensure we remain relevant despite the Facebook algorithm changes:

1. It is Not About the “Likes”

Realtors and mortgage pros need to focus on the right audience, not the size of the audience. We are not selling impulse items or online courses. We are curating information about the purchase of the largest asset in most people’s lives. Social media gives us the chance to focus on the right people, not all the people.

2. Local Content Wins

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as GaryVee is fond of telling brands that they need to be content companies, but for us, that is not the point. Instead, showcase local knowledge, local establishments and your town’s happenings, which are great ways to get the ball rolling. The content you post will be meaningful and relate to your audience. If you support your community, they will support you too. Building a strong network with other locals gives you the platform for your business to thrive.  

3. Always Personalize it

We have posted on a page for several months, on behalf of a client. One morning, I noticed a new 1970’s era pickup truck in my feed that would be a fun post and engagement gold. Clients, partners, everyone liked that truck. How could you not? We are in Northern California, after all! The good news is, after that we can now slide in a “Don’t forget I do real estate!”, and we have something to work with. By doing this you have created a “touchpoint” with your audience that is invaluable for creating a connection.

Local, Personalized Content served up on your PERSONAL profile page is the winner. Always has been, and still is, especially after Zuckerberg decided he needed to clean house.

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