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Use Instagram Stories to Generate Leads Today

If you’re using social media for your business, you should be posting stories to maximize your engagement. Stories are a great way to put your content at the top of your follower’s newsfeed. Both Instagram and Facebook have stories so that you can utilize this strategy across your platforms. 

Here are some critical differences between stories and traditional posts: 

  1. Stories expire after 24 hours

  2. Story dimensions are 1080 x 1920

  3. Stories are currently given priority above all other post types. 

  4. Stories cannot be longer than 15 seconds for video, but you can post multiple stories in a row. 

Story content suggestions: 


Is your business involved in any local activities? Share dates, time, and essential other information. Even if you aren’t hosting anything, you can share other events that might interest your audience. 

Client/Customer Appreciation: 

Who are your top supporters? What customers have gone above and beyond for you? Maybe they wrote you a review, and you want to thank them for sharing about their experience! If possible, get them to say a few words on camera for you, and post that as your story. 


What knowledge do you have that you can share about your industry? Take a few seconds to explain a tip or trick that will benefit your audience. You can even start a Q&A about your product, and ask people to share their questions with you. 


Are there any businesses that have supported you, or do you work closely with other professionals? Using your social media to recommend other local businesses is a great way to build your reputation of supporting your community. 

Posting to Your Story | Instagram 

In your newsfeed, there will be stories at the top of the page. To add to your story, click on your profile picture in the upper left corner. Your camera will open, click on the icon in the lower-left corner that displays your most recent photo in your camera roll. Tap on the image that you want, if you’re going to select multiple images, click on the “Select multiple” button. Once you’re ready to post your story, click “Send to” in the bottom right corner to post to your story. See if “And Facebook Story” is selected, and then click “Share” to post it to both your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Try it out today, and see what kind of response you get from your audience! 


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