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Facebook groups are a powerful tool when used correctly. Find the group that makes the most sense for you, and get connected with others! Being involved in a group is a great way to generate referrals and increase your credibility!

The reason Facebook groups are important: 

One of the significant shifts on the Facebook platform has been the focus on promoting Facebook Groups. Earlier this year, they released their plan to shift toward building communities. This change, coupled with their reduction of organic reach for business pages, can make it seem more challenging to reach your audience, but it just requires a bit more thought. 

Facebook is an indirect marketing source for your business; your content should be centered around community, education, personal stories, and other aspects of your business that are not a hard sell.  

Start small, scroll through the group, and comment when appropriate on other people’s posts. Limit your posts to be relevant to the group. When you do post or comment, make sure that you are always adding value. Focus on how you can help others, not how you can sell to them. 

Be an expert – make sure you’re an engaged member, don’t just start posting there without thought. Comment much more than you post. You don’t want the other group members to be flooded with your marketing posts. 

 Find like-minded people to interact with:

Be thinking about what Groups you should join, and start asking yourself questions to determine which groups make sense for you.  

  1. Is there a local professionals group within your industry that you can join? 

  2. What are your hobbies? 

  3. Does your community have any local groups? 

  4. Are you part of any organizations that have groups? 

What type of content to post in groups: 

What you post in a group depends on the kind of group. Take a look at what other people are posting in the group to get an idea for what’s appropriate. If it’s a professional group, it would be best to post networking opportunities, educational content, or offer relevant services. 

On the other hand, if it’s a group dedicated to the town you live in, you’ll want to post things like local news, events, and volunteer opportunities. 

As people interact with your posts or respond to your comments, that is your opportunity to invite them to like your business page or send them a message about connecting on Facebook as friends. 

Group etiquette:

  1. Don’t be pushy or oversell  

  2. Comment and like at least 5x more than you post 

  3. Keep all your content in line with the overall purpose and goals of the group. 


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