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Unique Value Proposition: Putting the Service into Service Professional

What Are You Giving to Your Clients? 

You, as an individual, have a unique value proposition that only you can offer. Your business is built around the value you offer within your industry. As you create your social strategy for your brand, it’s essential to keep your message and voice consistent throughout your social platforms. Focus on the value that you are giving to your clients, to learn more about focusing on your value proposition, check out our article, Client-First Social Media Campaigns: Highlight the Additional Value You Provide. 

Putting the work into your brand will pay off, and is the foundation of your future success. 

Developing Your UVP: 

The cornerstone of any business is the answer to the question, why me? Our book will walk you through a simple, four-step process to define what sets you apart. Don’t settle for your companies generic marketing language. Take control of your digital and face to face handshake by downloading our UVP E-book

Start by finding your strengths, think about what you do well, and what previous clients have said. Get as specific as you can when defining what makes you stand apart from the competition. Beyond just saying, “I’m a great communicator,” instead, say, “I actively pinpoint my client’s needs to negotiate on their behalf to make navigating the entire transaction simple and pain-free!.” 

Another way to get down to who you are is by taking a personality test. Do you know your UVP Superpower? Use DISC to understand how to differentiate yourself at a behavioral level. 

Once you have unique traits to work from, you can build your value proposition based on who you are. 

Translating that Message to your Clients: 

Do the work – developing your Digital Handshake takes time, and requires dedication to convey your brand. 

It’s the step that helps move potential clients to trust you enough to take the next step to reach out to you. Your social media is the channel to build trust with your audience over time; it’s to stay top of mind in front of your network. 

Your social strategy must align your brand’s voice, unique offerings, and the purpose of your business. All factors should communicate consistency and establish trust. There is so much freedom of expression on social media, but it’s essential to keep in mind who your audience is and to be authentic to yourself. To maintain your authenticity, read our article, Who Are You? Developing Your Brand Through Authenticity. If you’re wondering about how to avoid problems with your content, read Three of the Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Pros Make on Social Media

You are your brand, and it’s a process to discover your Unique Value Proposition and how to communicate your strengths to your audience. 

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