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Three Ways To Stay Top Of Mind In A Digital World [REPOST]

Stats are hard to come by, but it feels like the number of organic referrals and repeat clients are diminishing in the mortgage and real estate business. Marketers are getting to clients faster, and they are learning to convert “lousy digital leads”.  Improved conversion means fewer referral events for the traditional local real estate pro. But, we can use this new behavior to our advantage by practicing a few simple engagement techniques.  

The days when we could create sticky lifelong client relationships with excellent service and monthly newsletters are behind us. For better or worse, our attention is pointed at our glass screens which means the new top of mind is social engagement.    

1) Click The Like Button, A Lot

Go where your clients are and do what they are doing. .  The absolute best way to stay top of mind is to engage with their content. Every time you comment or hit the like button, you are putting your name front and center.

There are a few ways to see the stuff that matters because, in order to like it, you must catch it.  Turn on Facebook “Notifications” for your key partners.  This will generate an alert for you when they post.   For your top clients and leads, mark them “See First.” This assures your newsfeed will start with their posts and overrides the FB algorithm. Remember, this assumes you have completed the exercise of following and friending all of your previous clients!    

2) Celebrate 

There is magic in Facebook EVENTS and the NOTIFICATIONS list on Linkedin.  Last week, one of our previous clients received a promotion to VP of our local tech juggernaut.  They sent a congratulatory text message and followed up with a suggestion it might be time to buy that second home.  The loan application is turned in, and the hunt has begun. Say Happy Birthday, congratulations and build your business on celebrations.

3) Have Fun with Content

Face it, mortgage and real estate are only exciting every five years when you are in the market. In the intervening four years, you have to remain relevant.  The recipe card is not dead; it has just been socialized. Our friends at Point Equity created an awesome video on May 4th. At last check, they had over 3600 views. Our family, friends, and clients like fun, let’s have more of it…   

Bonus Tip  

This is primarily a social media post, but remember, the best marketing campaigns are multimodal. Physical mailboxes have less noise than ever before.  Don’t be afraid to put some paper into people’s hands. Just make sure you tie it back to your overall campaign and push them back to your website. 

Online engagement is the best way to stay top of mind and remain the partner of choice. In the end, the greatest tragedy of the digital revolution is that the neighborhood service provider risks being pushed out by the digital marketer. Use the system to your advantage, win on the screen and earn your face to face.  


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