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Three Ways To Convert Your Social Followers To Clients [Repost]

I received a call from an MLO that spent the last year building his Digital Handshake, logging in every day, engaging with posts, and producing great content. He told me that it was a massive waste of time because it doesn’t translate into Clients. Unfortunately, for Real Estate pros, this is a common reaction to the world of social media.   

Social is a personal branding platform, first and foremost.  While you can generate leads with a decent Facebook ad, your primary focus is to create an online presence that builds trust and familiarity pre-sale. According to NAR, 93% of all home buyers and 99% of Millennials use the internet in their home search. So, an active social media presence matters, but how do we convert the hard work to business today?  There are three things that will move the needle.  

  1.  Notification Based Outreach

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for notification prospecting. Employees update their LI bio regularly with new jobs and promotions, and new jobs mean new real estate opportunities. Facebook is the king of the significant social real estate trigger events: weddings, engagements, and births.    

Action Plan:   Start reviewing notifications daily. Instead of the standard “Congratulations” default message, send a personal note on a different platform. After your thoughtful congratulations, ask if it is time for a mortgage or real estate review to go along with their new gig.  Make it fun.   

  1.  Grow Your Facebook (business) Page

Unfortunately, Zuck has all but killed organic reach on Pages and turned them into defacto websites. You still need one. In fact, they are among the most discoverable assets for organic SEO and allow you to build ads and boost posts.  The key here is getting your friends to like your page. Furthermore, the more likes you have, the more people see your business content.   

Action Plan:  Every time someone engages with your personal posts, invite them to like your page.  Go to your Facebook Page -> Invite Friends -> Select the folks that liked your page. Invite ten people per week that engaged with your posts, and your page audience will grow! 

  1.  Convert Social Followers To Your Email List

This one is a bit tricky… but worth the effort. Your personal email list is the only thing you really own and your most valuable long term business asset.  Are you growing your email list? Our monthly email is the most valuable lead generation tool we have. The more people you have on your list, the more deals you will do.     

Action Plan:   Linkedin is excellent; you can backup your entire list, and about 40% of your contacts will have email addresses.  For Facebook, you can find your friend’s email addresses online with a google search or shoot them an IM and invite them to join your list.  Most people say YES, although it is a strange ask, it is worth it.  

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that social media by itself, doesn’t generate business; it takes some effort.  But, used correctly, you take your solid Digital platform and turn them into deals.   

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