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Three Ways To Beat The Rocket and Keep Your Mortgage Clients

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

What is your returning client capture rate?  There is a mortgage event on average every 7 years.  That means if you have a database of 1000 clients, you have 143 opportunities a year.  How many deals did you close from your database last year? A capture rate of 30% is reasonable from a properly designed top of mind campaign.   

Hopefully, you are sending your book of business emails every month. With interest rates dropping, now is the time to do more. A regular email program is a foundation, but the end game. Let’s face it, their mailbox is full, and robocalls are getting annoying.  How do you rise above the noise?  

Omnichannel Follow Up

Our go-to strategy is to use SMS and/or Facebook Messenger to check-in with everyone that opened our emails. With rates down, we are offering a 5-minute mortgage review.  We do this from a VoIP phone number so our inside sales team or the MLO can respond quickly and set the consultation.    

We also use the opportunity to Friend our previous clients on our Facebook Profile.   Log in, send a friend request. Follow up the accepted request with a Facebook Messenger note. The response rate nearly 100%, and now we are connected!  

Go Analog

The best community marketing strategies have an analog and digital component.  We regularly send out handwritten cards to our clients that open our emails. Our office admin addresses the cards and can even write them. The message is simple:  There is a lot of noise out there, I would love to talk about your current mortgage and see if we can save you money. The personal touch goes a long way and increases retention.  

Don’t Forget Social

You can run a simple Facebook Ad targeted at your previous clients. When combined with your email and text campaign, it is just the encouragement your client needs to call you.  As a side benefit, you are maintaining top of mind awareness showcasing your Facebook Page. If your Digital Handshake is tight, you build trust and retain more clients.

In a digital world, it takes more than an email to convert.  However, homeowners want to work locally, and if you stay top of mind, you will win the retention game.  

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