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Three Game-Changing Technologies for Small Business

Fifteen years ago, the mortgage and real estate company value proposition was centered around installing a phone system, network hardware, and sharing an exchange server. Oh, and we brought 27 floppy discs to install our revolutionary CRM, which sort of worked. Well, times have changed. 

The democratization of technology is moving at a lightning pace.  SaaS software-driven by computers in our pockets and seemingly endless venture funding has fueled a revolution. You can launch a new office in 30 days and have a big company technology stack for a couple of hundred bucks per employee.  

Three technologies have completely changed the game for small business, VoIP phone system, email/business apps, and team management software.

VoIP Phone Systems

The power of the VoIP phone systems can not be overstated. Cloud-based telephones that allow you to use a phone on your desk, computer, or cell phone via an app with a single number.     

  1. How it impacts your business: Single Number Magic. We like the ability to get our sales teams off of their cell phone number, (while using their cell phones).  If you have a team of 5 people, you can easily create a cell phone like experience across devices, locations, and individuals.  

  2. It accelerates sales. Our ISA logs into our individual MLO number and makes outbound dials and sends messages.  When a client calls or texts back, the MLO can respond directly, eliminating a step. It is affordable. Most plans are from 15 – 40 per month per person with no contracts.

  3. The systems we like:   We currently use Vonage Business and Ring Central with great success. I have several clients that use Google Voice that love it. 

Email / Business Apps

You have probably already migrated to Microsoft365 or Google Apps.  This is a game-changer, and using these systems pays dividends for teams and individuals. 

  1. How it impacts your business. Most businesses see an immediate improvement in workflow and a lower cost to produce a widget when these systems are implemented. 

  2. Increased Collaboration. Teams can effortlessly share information internally and externally using shared folders. With Google Apps, we build documents together, with multiple people editing in real-time. Whether it is a pipeline report or a P&L, everyone has access when they need it, and tracks changes, effortlessly – no more emailing docs and version management.

  3. Easy Admin.  You can administer these systems on your own through your computer or an app. You can forward emails, add and remove new team members, and build shared folders with a few clicks.   Saving time and money while increasing team functionality is a powerful benefit.   

  4. The System We Like.  It was a big move for us in the financial industry, but we are 100% all-in on Google Apps.  It is affordable, flexible, and straightforward.

Project/Team Management Software

The new wave of project/team management software is truly a game-changer. Gone are the days of sharing spreadsheets and using six different systems to keep the team on track.    

  1. How it benefits your business.   Faster turn on your projects, the ability to prioritize on the fly and dramatically decrease the need for meetings.  

  2. Project and Task Management.   We use Basecamp to manage our individual projects, marketing campaigns, onboarding offboard, team priorities, and everything in between. It is easy to use and works with external team members. The best part is that all the information you need from links to files, to attachments and pictures of your whiteboard, are right there, tracked seamlessly. 

  3. Communication is King.  You can use IM functions to communicate directly with your team. When we make an announcement, we use Basecamp to send it via email to everyone, and comments/feedback are tracked in real-time in the app. We can address concerns in public, immediately with tracking. We also tag our team members when we need help.

  4. The System We Like.  We are unapologetic Basecamp raving fans. It is easy to use, and your team benefits even when they don’t log in as all communications are shared via email.

The theme that unifies all three of these technologies is collaboration.   Building a team on a solid foundation of technology gives you the ability to scale and adapt. Our simple, affordable technology model allows us access to big company tech without the IT department and big bills.


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