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The Purpose of the Platform: Twitter Social Strategy

Twitter is a platform that is experiencing rapid growth and serves as an excellent platform for building your brand’s voice. Some of the main characteristics of this platform are the short, 280 character posts, the opportunity for threads to go viral, and the rapid spread of news. Keep your brand’s information consistent, match your handle with your other accounts, and provide links back to your website. 

If your brand is going to be active on Twitter, you want to have a voice that you’ve developed, and know what kind of content you want to post. To build your brand’s voice, read our Developing Your Voice on Social Media Through Clear Messaging and Authenticity article. 

Your content strategy will vary depending on your business, but some categories of content could range from industry updates to educational content. 

News Updates:

You can quickly share updates about your industry through Twitter, by sharing articles and offering your take on the changes. Showcase your flexibility to adapt to changes, and that you’re actively keeping up with your industry. 

Short-Form Content:

Twitter’s limited character count keeps your posts relatively short, but you can still link to a blog you wrote or external other longer forms of content. Use Twitter to promote the content you’ve already created. Share testimonials, blogs, or educational content. 

Image Guidelines: 

The dimensions for Twitter are horizontal images, with 440 x 220 pixels (2:1 ratio), with a recommended aspect ratio of 16:9. Using images on your posts will improve your reach and help your brand stand out. 

Real-Time Commentary on Current Events:

Many brands weigh in on events or trends that become popular on Twitter, so you can keep up with the trends, and include your two cents. It’s important to know, if you take a stance on anything, be ready to polarize your audience. Try to keep it industry-specific, and in good taste. 

When you’ve established your strategy, be sure to check in on your analytics, to ensure that your content is performing well. Go to to learn more about using this feature on Twitter. Keeping your strategy flexible to adapt to how Twitter changes over time will help keep your brand current. 

Social listening is essential for Twitter; your business can use the Advanced Search tool to stay up on current trends. To learn more, check out Twitter’s help article, For additional information on having a great Twitter social strategy, Hubspot’s report, Twitter Marketing in 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Twitter can take some time for your brand to gain momentum, but if you put the time in, you can use it for marketing your brand effectively. Have a clear outline for what you want to convey through your messaging, and keep your strategy on track. 


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