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The Essential Components To Maximize Lead Conversion [Repost]

I am a boring sales leader.  I don’t pursue shiny objects or give 30-minute inspirational speeches, although I do wish I had a bit more of that gene.  I am known for pulling up and pointing out active leads with no follow-up scheduled and overdue tasks. Until we fix that, new ideas represent wasted money.  The root of my “stick in the mud” approach is the belief that most salespeople would rather chase the latest and greatest, rather than leverage long term discipline for sustainability.      

The foundation of every great sales business is generating leads, but the first story is a discipline that turns leads into closings.  It is art and science. High lead conversions require a strict routine, technology, and sales awareness. A three-part cocktail that is tough to nail for the average entrepreneur.  


The most crucial component of No Lead Left Behind is the time management discipline to follow up on the leads.  When we get busy, it is easy to fall behind. One of the things we recommend is to block two, two-hour blocks per week just dedicated to the development of your lead sources. By blocking the time, you are forced to reach out to every potential client.  


Post-it-notes don’t work. To manage a large number of leads over, you need a system. We wrote an article on the four things you must track in your CRM, and we offer a copy of our Google Sheet CRM replacement.   

The critical thing is to have visibility of your active leads and the next activity. Be careful not to overthink this. Most Real Estate pros we talk to have a fancy CRM, but can’t get to their active leads easily and don’t use it.  The reality is a good spreadsheet is sometimes the best remedy.  

Sales Awareness

The last piece of the puzzle is to make sure your sales funnel makes sense.  If you have a client that won’t buy until the spring, don’t push to look at houses this winter.  Modify your sales pitch to your audience. Stay in touch on multiple platforms and share excellent area information.  One of our most effective pieces is the “Cost of Waiting” analysis. We follow that up with information about local school districts.  The key is to continue to build trust.  

Pro-Tip:  Connect with every lead on social media, preferably Facebook or Linkedin, and use your messenger apps to stay connected. 

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