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Social Media Best Practices: Tips for Maximizing Your Engagement Rate

You’ve probably heard that engagement is the most important part of your social media strategy, but what does that mean? Engagement is a general term to describe the interaction between your followers and your page. Furthermore, these metrics are usually broken down to likes, comments, post engagement rate, and account mentions. 

  1. Likes, Comments, Reactions, Shares: These are all individual engagement metrics.

  2. Post Engagement Rate: Is calculated by the number of engagements divided by impressions or reach. You want this number to be high because that means that people find your post attractive.

  3. Account Mentions: Anytime a fan mentions your page organically, for example, if they tag your brand in an Instagram story. 

Now that you know what defines engagement, it’s time to start thinking of ways to spark engagement. 

Asking Open-Ended Questions: 

  1. Is this your first mortgage?

  2. Do you think you could qualify as a first-time homebuyer? 

  3. What made you select this house?

  4. Do you have a retirement plan?

  5. What’s your biggest concern in the housing market?

By asking for other people’s opinions, you are building a Platform for Discussion, and encouraging your followers to participate with your content actively. 

Bring Your Personality to the Page:

Remember, social media is a platform for facilitating human connection, always keep this in mind when considering engagement. How can you bring people together? What can you share that is relatable? Be human, show the interworkings of your business and your life. 

Engaging with other Accounts:

Supporting others is huge for your social strategy. Be that person who always celebrates other’s successes. Block out time to engage with other accounts on your social network. Reach out to past clients or interact with other professionals. Strategically place comments on people’s posts,  and follow up on significant life events. Always find reasons to stay connected to the people who matter. 

Assess your current metrics within your social platforms and see what posts are your most popular. By tracking engagement, you can tailor your future posts to model your popular content. Build a structure for your social metrics and pay attention to what matters to your brand. Avoid Vanity Metrics and set realistic monthly goals that you can improve. For a deeper dive into social media metrics, check out Sprout Social’s article, “The Most Important Social Media Metrics to Track.”


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