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Rule of Thirds: Strategies for Personal, Engaging Posts, and Promotional Content

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The best social media strategies rely on personality and human connection. Even if you’re operating a business page, you still need to represent your brand authentically. Most social plans are either posting in the Rule of Thirds, or a mix of personal, business, and educational content. 

To get you started, let’s break down some personal content ideas: 

Personal Content Sample Ideas: 

  1. Family pictures/trips/events 

  2. Content related to your interests – golf, biking, etc. 

  3. Personal recommendations – being an area expert

  4. Local areas you love – What’s your favorite place to go in the Fall? 

  5. Friends – Pictures with your friends 

  6. Pet pictures 

  7. Kid’s – sports, big moments, updates (new job, new school, etc.)

  8. Stories related to your personal life – did anything interesting happen? 

  9. Projects/committees you’re involved with 

  10. Appreciation posts for the talented people in your life

Engagement/Sharing Content Sample Ideas: 

  1. Industry Trivia 

  2. Local Area Content

  3. Build Connections through Shared Experiences

  4. Contests

  5. Q&A 

  6. Motivational Quotes 

  7. Open-Ended Questions 

  8. Getting to Know You Posts

  9. Behind the Scenes 

  10. Holiday Content

Promotion Content Sample Ideas: 

  1. Success Stories/Testimonials

  2. Educational Content – articles, tips, etc. 

  3. Market Updates

  4. Events/Training opportunities

  5. FAQ

  6. Industry-Based Tips 

  7. A Day in the Life of your Business

  8. Giving Back to the Community 

  9. Product of the Week 

  10. Cross-Promoting other Industry Professionals

Consistent Content: 

Whatever types of content you choose to post, make sure that you are posting consistently. Start utilizing your social and learn about your audience; you will be able to adjust your content based on the best performing posts and stories. 

Find your balance of what you want to share, and start using a content map to keep you on track. Your page should have consistent posts, complete information, and valuable information for potential clients. Avoid large gaps of time where you are inactive and always respond to comments and messages. The best way to improve your strategy is to test out new concepts or strategies. Adapt to the changes, and monitor your progress! 


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