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How Slowing Down Turned Into 7 Consultations + 2 Closed Deals on 50 Buyer Leads

Real estate sales is a long game.  This month we set 7 consultations that will result in 2 closings from 50 “dead” leads by taking an extra, well-timed step. Most real estate pros build high converting ads using a soft call to action.  That isn’t the problem. When we follow up a soft CTA with a hard close, the system breaks. It is time to slow down to increase conversion.  

The Success Story

Our Realtor partner ran a Facebook ad campaign 6 months ago. She didn’t close any deals and canceled the campaign after a month. When we dove in, she had sent emails and made calls all related to showing properties.  The ad’s call to action was a free report and the lead follow up was to get clients into a car to look at properties.  

After fixing her Digital Handshake, we logged into Facebook and sent Friend requests to the responders.  As they were accepted, (30 of the 50), we sent a FB message asking if they were still considering buying a home and explaining that rates have done the unthinkable and dropped again.  We had nearly a 100% response rate and were able to set 7 consultations resulting in at least two deals for our agent.   

The total time commitment was less than 5 hours on a lead that was already purchased.   

Take Action In Your Business

  1.  Take your time.  If you are running advertising offering a free report or a soft call to action, adjust your initial reach out.  Introduce yourself, add value with articles or posts that may interest the client. Encourage them to explore your social media.  Closing on call one is a low percentage play. 

  2. Honor Buying Behavior.  When someone opts in to a Facebook ad and you immediately call them, you are already taking them out of their comfort zone. They chose Facebook to connect with you, pay attention to that behavior.  They are signaling their communication preferences with their actions.  

Unfortunately, most of us spend more time on lead generation than the lead funnel. It isn’t our fault, we are programmed to always be closing. Most of us work on referrals that are way further down the buying decision funnel. Slow down to grow revenue! 


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