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Growth Strategies: Raise Brand Awareness and Build Your Network

Social networking thrives as it’s audience increases over time – the more followers you have, the more likely you are to connect your brand to the right people. You can use a few tactics to grow your audience over time. Staying connected with the people who know you, like you, and trust you will benefit your business in many ways. During a time like this, connecting virtually will sustain your business until the pandemic passes. Focusing on your social media growth strategies can help your business grow. 

Before you focus on growth, you need to make sure that your digital handshake is tight, go through your online presence, and make sure that you don’t have inconsistencies or an unclear branding message. Download our Unique Value Proposition E-Book to ensure that you make the best first impression. 

Leveraging your database: 

Your database is a crucial aspect of your organic social strategy; you need to be connected to your database on social media. Comb through your list, and find the people you haven’t connected with on your Facebook and Instagram, send them a friend request, and then invite them to like your page.

Keep adding to your database to continue to build your professional network. Your database is the fuel for referrals and building brand awareness. To learn about leveraging your database, check out our blog post, Make the Most of Your Connections: Utilizing Your Database to Grow Your Audience. 

Running promotional ads on Facebook – Raise awareness.

  1. Choose your type of ad: 

There are multiple types of ads on Facebook; choosing the right one for your goal will make your ad more effective. There are three main categories for marketing objectives – awareness, consideration, and conversion. Depending on your business, you will pick a goal that will convey the right messaging. 

  1. Pick Your Target Market: 

Defining your audience will help you reach your target market. You can narrow down your audience based on location, age, gender, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Choosing ad placement will indicate where the ad will appear. Automatic placement will be optimized to maximize your budget and display in an area most likely to perform best. The manual placement option gives you more control to choose where the ads will appear. 

  1. Define Your Budget: 

Based on your audience and ad type, you can choose your budget that will effectively reach your defined audience. Try out different budgets overtime to get the most out of your budget. 

It takes some time to find the right combination, so keep changing until you find the right fit for your brand. 

Growing your audience using organic and paid strategies will increase your audience and build your online presence. To learn more about growth strategies, check out our article, Growth Strategies: Don’t Lose Momentum and Let Your Social Audience Plateau. 

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