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Growth Strategies: Don’t Lose Momentum and Let Your Social Audience Plateau

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Digital marketing requires dedication and consistent hard work to pay off, but when it does pay off, you’ll know it! You want to see monthly growth in your audience and engagement. How often are you getting new followers on your business page? You don’t need a million followers, but you need to continue to grow your audience over time. 

There are a few ways you can encourage more people to interact with your social media, but as a best practice, start with who you know, and then move onto new contacts. 

Inviting New Contacts to Connect: 

Develop a discipline for connecting with people you meet, and start cultivating new relationships. The critical thing about connecting with people is that you make a lasting impression. Social media gives you a platform to build credibility and connect with the people who matter. When you reach out, make sure it’s in the effort to create a meaningful relationship. To learn more about maximizing your database, check out our article, Make the Most of Your Connections: Utilizing Your Database to Grow Your Audience. Your connections are your most valuable asset, and you should treat it as the resource it is. 

Running brand awareness through ads: 

 Focus on content creation. Not about advertising. Your ads will perform better if they connect with your target audience in a meaningful way. Solve a problem, offer a consultation, or some other service that relates to their needs. To learn more about when to run ads or organic content, read our post, Social Strategy: Organic Content Vs. Paid Reach.

Increasing your discoverability:

How easy are you to find online? It’s very challenging to grow your following when potential fans cannot find your social profiles. Optimize your pages to be easily accessible, use consistent headshots, and usernames to quickly reassure people that they’ve found the right account. Try Googling yourself in an incognito window, and see if the results match your social profiles and website. If it doesn’t, you should work on increasing your SEO

Not only should you continue to grow your database, on the other hand, but you also need to maintain your audience retention. Keep your audience happy by consistently interacting with them, responding to comments, sending messages, and listening to their needs. Meaningful posts and connections will win on your social media. Building your community and creating an online place that people want to be. 

Social Listening: 

Your content should be based on solving your audience’s problems and catering to their needs. By tracking your industry’s latest trends and news, you can tailor your content to current events and data. There are many strategies for incorporating social listening tools, but you need to find the one that fits your needs best. Sprout Social has an excellent article, Social listening: Your launchpad to success on social media

Creating True Engagement with Fans: 

 Beyond knowing what your audience wants, focus on how to build your relationship with your followers. Respond to their questions, reach out to check in, and comment and interact with their social posts. People are central to your business, and by having meaningful connections, you are growing your credibility and brand loyalty. 

Building your audience and credibility takes time and work. Keep that in mind, when you’re growing your audience. Whatever strategy you choose to grow your online presence, keep your long-term goals in mind. It’s about building human connections and brand building. 


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