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Growth Strategies: Are You Advertising on Social?

Advertising on Social media is an excellent way to reach potential customers without breaking the bank. Using organic strategies will help your audience interact with your brand in an authentic way, and get to know you without having to use advertisements. The fans that support your brand are the most valuable part of your social strategy. Creating ads on social media is your channel to reach people outside of your sphere of influence. By pairing organic and paid strategies together, you can harness the power of the platform. 

There are numerous different strategies for ads on social media. Choosing the best one for your goals will make an impact on the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Audience Boosting – Page Likes 

Growing your audience is an important part of your social strategy. One method to build your platform is to create a Page Likes campaign. You can create these ads to convince people why they should want to follow your page. Highlight your value add, and why your page is unique. 

Engagement – Comments/Liking 

If your goal is to boost engagement, build your ad to ask engaging questions, and high-quality content. Spark a discussion with your audience, or people in your local area. Choose your target market, and create the ad based on your audience. 

Messaging – CTA 

Ads that encourage the audience to message your business is a great way to have direct discussions with potential customers. This is a great chance to include your call to action. This ad is a great option to use retargeting to 

The most important thing business owners need to understand about Facebook ads is that Facebook shows your ads to the people most likely to complete your objective. That means selecting the right objective is paramount for success. To learn more about the Types of Ads on Facebook, read this article by BlueCorona, Your Ultimate Guide to Types of Facebook Ads

We’ve compiled a list of our team’s best growth strategies that you can use to keep increasing your audience. By implementing some of these strategies, you will see your platform start to reach more people, and raise your brand awareness. 

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