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Examining 2020’s Social Media Marketing Trends

Social media continues to be a focal point for modern marketing. As we reach the halfway point through the year 2020, it’s time to re-examine the trends we’ve seen so far. 

Video Content and Stories Continue to Dominate the Engagement Rates:

As we expected, Facebook and Instagram stories are here to stay! If your brand has been hesitant to test this feature, try interactive stories to liven up your brand’s content. Stories only last 24 hours, so it’s the perfect way to test new content strategies. An easy way to get started is to use the poll features or ask for feedback. 

Video content continues to be very popular. For your videos, consider also posting on YouTube to increase your content’s reach. Brands should be using videos because the barrier to entry is lower than ever. Put that smartphone to use! 

Using Social Media as Your Customer Service Channel: 

Customers often reach out to brands using social media, so make sure that you frequently check your messages, and respond quickly to questions. By channeling your customers onto your social media pages, it allows them to become familiar with your brand before reaching out to you. Let your online presence set the foundation for your brand. 

If possible, consider using user-generated content, and promote your loyal followers! Audiences love to see an active community interacting with a brand, and highlighting members will increase your brand’s connection with its followers. 

Local Targeting Will Become More Prevalent:

Another trend that has been prominently used by influencers is to target local audiences by tagging locations. By appealing to a geographic area, businesses can increase their visibility in their local communities. 

More Brands Will Incorporate Social Listening into Their Strategies:

Social listening is a powerful tool to monitor your brand’s online mentions and keep up with topics that are relevant to your brand. To find some social media listening tools, read Social Media Today’s article, 20 of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools to Consider. 

With social media rapidly changing, it’s essential to keep your strategy flexible. Re-evaluate what you want from your social media, and make goals to meet your needs. Use your goals to narrow down the platforms that give you the best results and build your strategy around those audiences. Continue to use your social media to reach your audience, and use private DMs to offer value to your clients, and build your strategy around your audience and brand’s core values. For more information on 2020s social trends, check out these articles, Sprout Social: Social Media Trends, Influencer Marketing Hub: Social Media Trends, and Hootsuite: Social Trends


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