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Blend Your Knowledge and Personality to Create Unique Content for Your Brand

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

In digital marketing, we’re always talking about the importance of attention and audience engagement. In practice, it can be challenging to produce content that consistently capture’s your audience’s attention. The truth is that business content usually does not perform well overall on social media. People are on social to see updates about their friends and family, not to be sold a product. The oversaturation of the newsfeed has become overrun with ads, and people promoting their services. While it is an effective strategy to promote your business on social media, that doesn’t mean all social media’s value is derived from advertising. 

As a service professional, you are your brand. People will choose to do business with you based on your reputation and personality. Your social media presence should stand out from your competition. Blend your professional knowledge with your personality and the human aspects of your business. 

Professional Insight: 

Anyone can post articles, so go above and beyond and share your commentary on the topic. 

Providing a translation for people can be very beneficial for starting a conversation or helping people make the right decisions. It’s important that you showcase your knowledge in a way that people can understand. Don’t try to overcomplicate topics, keep your summaries short and straightforward. 

Try asking open-ended questions within your commentary to get your audience involved in the discussion. To learn more about incorporating best business social practices, check out our article, Social Media Best Practices: Tips for Maximizing Your Engagement Rate. 

Personal Content: 

Offer your audience something only you have to offer – your personality. Without your authenticity, your brand will fall flat and not leave a lasting impression. Share about your friends, family, local areas, and other things that matter to you. Maybe part of your proceeds go towards a good cause, share about it, or you volunteer in your community, whatever makes you unique, share about it. For more information about creating a strategy around your brand, check out our post, Rule of Thirds: Strategies for Personal, Engaging Posts, and Promotional Content. 

Behind the Scenes Posts: 

Stories are a great way to get some exposure, so consider posting some behind the scenes moments on your story. Let people see you in action. This is a great way to test out different types of content and to start a dialogue. What kind of day in the life moments can you share? It can be as simple as a positive interaction with a client, exploring the local area, or highlighting a coworker or business partner. 

Ideally, you want people to feel like they already know a little bit about you before they meet you. Scroll through your social media business page, if you didn’t know yourself, would it represent your brand correctly? Spend some time thinking about what makes your services stand out and start promoting yourself as well as your business. For more ideas on building your brand, check out this great article, 10 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media. 


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