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Best Ways to Incorporate Video into Your 2020 Strategy

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Video is one of the quickest ways to build trust with your audience, so now is the time to utilize video into your social strategy. Brands are starting to blend personal and professional connections to build stronger relationships with clients. Focus on driving repeat business and your referral business. If you’re not using video on your social media, this is the time to start! 

There are three main ways to use video in your 2020 social strategy: 

Direct Video Messages: 

Have you reached out to your sphere of influence to wish them a happy new year? Instead of sending a generic email, try picking your most important clients, family, and friends and send them a quick video wishing them well! Start using Facebook messenger as your preferred communication channel; most businesses find the open rates to be about 60-70 percent average open rate within the first hour.  By sending a direct message, you are increasing the likelihood of that contact seeing your future posts. Keep these videos short and personal! Similar to leaving a voicemail for that person. 

Consistent Video Content: 

Is it doable for you to make a weekly video to post on your social media? Dedicate a block of time to record a quick market update or something that your audience will appreciate. These do not have to be long videos but get in the habit of posting these consistently. Furthermore, videos have the highest reach for posts so that more people will see them. If you’re struggling to record videos, try putting together a slideshow of pictures to start! Just ensure that everything you post is high quality, and reinforces your brand. 

Video Stories:

Stories have an incredible reach and opportunity for engagement. Start asking questions and posting videos to connect with your audience. You can be a little less formal when it comes to stories; they only last 24 hours. Stories should capture your brand’s energy and represent who you are. Try posting a story that depicts a day in the life, or exciting news. 

Using video for content will have the highest organic reach on your social platforms. By blending interactive stories, consistent educational videos, and sending video messages to your audience, you will quickly make a lasting impression. If you’re not comfortable making videos, it’s okay! Practice will help you get more comfortable. These videos don’t have to be perfect; make sure they are authentic to your brand. Start using your social media to create your meaningful connections in 2020!  


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