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An Overview to the Main Social Media Platforms

Not all social media platforms can be used in the same way, and it’s essential to consider the purpose of each social media network. Your content schedule should build your brand awareness, improve your credibility, and represent your personality. 


Instagram is an incredibly visual platform that your brand can establish a presence on, but it takes time and work. Only post authentic, high-quality photos/videos and consistent stories. Instagram requires hard work and dedication to build a large following. If you’re going to invest the time, you can find success on this platform! The great thing about Instagram is that you can be easily discovered by new accounts. Keep your brand’s image in mind. Consistency is critical for your strategy, and so you should have a set posting schedule. You may have heard that Instagram will be hiding likes, so to learn how this affects your social strategy, read our blog post, Instagram is Starting to Hide Likes and how this affects your business.


Having a Facebook business page is crucial for your SEO rankings and for establishing credibility online. Post articles, educational videos, reviews, and market updates. Make sure you connect with your personal profile’s friends and create your sphere of influence on your business page. Consistently increase your reviews on Facebook; these reviews can be from clients or other professionals; they do not have to belong to a specific transaction. Connect with everyone on your database on your Facebook page, and stay connected with your network. Your posts should be a mix of business, education, and personal content. If you’re feeling ambitious, start using Facebook Live to reach the most people, or join some Facebook Groups to expand your audience. 

Google Business Page: 

Google Business is your number one driver for SEO, and having a My Google Business page is necessary for your visibility. Focus on getting as many reviews as possible to increase your ranking. Your page should fully set up with no missing or incorrect information. To fully optimize your profile, make sure to include photos and a short name. Google Business posts expire after one week, so make sure you are at least posting weekly to this platform. To learn more, check out our full blog post, Win Local SEO: The Necessity of Your Google Business Listing. 


Twitter is a great place to share updates, blog posts, news, and other industry tips. It takes some time to gain some traction, so keep your expectations realistic. Twitter is a great platform to increase your brand awareness and connect with a new audience. Another benefit is that it can drive traffic to your website. Twitter limits the number of characters you can post in your tweets to 280, so it’s helpful to link to external content to give readers more information. Use this platform to target the demographic you’re looking for and provide valuable updates and content that your audience would want. You can use this platform for education and building your reputation. 


LinkedIn is your professional network, so connect with as many other industry professionals as possible. Build your connections and post business-related content. Build your credibility by publishing articles and sharing your knowledge. This is not the platform to post personal content, so stick with your marketing pieces, and focus on strengthening business contact relationships. To learn more, check out our full blog post, How to Use LinkedIn as a Real Estate Pro. 

Before you jump into social media, be strategic with your choices – know what your purpose is for each platform. Another important step is to have a rubric to measure your success. Be sure to avoid common social media mistakes and Vanity Metrics. Focus on engagement and building meaningful connections on your social platforms. Social media is always evolving, so stay flexible, and test out different strategies for each platform. To learn some best practices for posting, check out our article, Best Practices to Make the Most of Your Posts.

To keep your strategy on track, we suggest using a content map. Our #DigitizedAgent Content map has been designed for service professionals and will help you organize your content. 

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