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3 Ways To Kick Up Your Digital Handshake

When our phone rings, it seems more likely to be a telemarketer than a referral. When we are referred, the first thing people do is remove the computer from their pocket and Google you. This is a monumental shift for the real estate industry and requires your attention to how you look online. We have three things you can do today to improve your digital handshake.  

Personal Brand Front and Center

Winning the community marketing game is about your personal brand.  People buy from people. To see what we are talking about, check out Placester’s article on perfect real estate branding. Build your personal brand and talk about it everywhere. 

Action Plan:  

1) Make sure you have personal information in your social media descriptions.  

2)  Post authentic personal content in between showcasing your listings.   

Use your Profile and Page Together

For the last year, we have started our Digital Handshake training with a simple phrase, “Facebook is the internet.” Leveraging the power of the platform for marketers is the tricky part.  Zuck is working feverishly to make sure FB remains, (or goes back to), a purely social platform. The result is that your Profile, (where you have Friends), has more reach and influence than your Page.  So, use them together.    

Action Plan:   

1) Share a personal post from your Profile to your Page. This brings authenticity to your business page and connects people to who you are vs. what you do.  

2)  Share your business page posts with your personal page, judiciously. Remind your Friends that you are in the real estate business and are ready to help. 

Pitt Miller in Auburn shares his community engagement videos from his business page to his personal page

Get Reviews

We love the automated, company driven review programs. One issue is that they often benefit your parent company more than your personal business. The best thing you can do for you is to generate Facebook and Google reviews.  Most people already have Google and Facebook accounts and they don’t need to be previous clients to review. Great reviews/recommendations dramatically improve your organic search and add third-party credibility to your business. 

Action Plan:  

1)  When you close, swap reviews with your fellow agents and the service providers you used on the transaction.  

2)  Engage your friends and leads that didn’t close and ask them to review you based on the information you provided. 

3)  Have your co-workers share their professional experience with your business.   

Your digital handshake is the new ground zero for lead generation and conversion.  Invest in it and be amazing.

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