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2020 Facebook Marketing Strategies

Most businesses have an online presence, and 87.1 percent of U.S. marketers will use Facebook marketing this year. This year is all about catering to mobile users and being easily accessible to clients. Don’t let your competitors outshine your online presence! 

It’s essential to have a business account on Facebook to boost your SEO. Facebook is a powerful way to appear at the top of search results. Be sure to name your page something that potential clients would think to search for, and add keywords like your name, business name, or license number. 

By boosting your visibility, it’s going to help people research your brand quickly and effectively. 

SEO – Increase Your Visibility: 

The purpose of a personal profile is to build your network and create a place to share memories and personal content. On the other hand, a business page drives online browser searches to your page. It allows you to share promotions, educate your audience, and build trust through authentic content. Having both a personal and business page will increase your SEO and help clients discover your services. 

Pro Tip: 

Optimize your page by using high-quality images, consistent contact information across platforms, and having a cover photo that is 820px by 360px. 

Build Trust with Your Content Strategy: 

Every business needs a different content strategy to fit their needs and goals. Take some time to develop your posting plan. Furthermore, it’s important to post consistently, and have reliable and accurate information across all your platforms. 

We recommend using the rule of thirds: split your content into sections, educational, personal, and promotional posts. Add value by posting content they find useful. In addition to posting consistently, you should actively contribute to the platform by engaging with your friends/and contacts on Facebook. 

Use videos and stories to increase your content’s reach; these perform the best across platforms. 

Reach More Leads By Implementing Growth Methods: Growing your social media following is very important to help you keep in touch with leads, previous clients, and friends. There are quite a few ways to continuously grow your audience. To get started, implement these strategies:   

  1. Invite friends quarterly to like your business page. 

  2. Include your social links on your email signature, website, and other well-known locations. 

  3. Start Advertising on Facebook to reach more leads. 

Facebook is one of the best SEO tools to increase your online presence, making your brand easier to find. Another benefit of Facebook is that you can schedule posts within the social media platform. Block out time to work on a month’s worth of content at a time. If used correctly, Facebook can be a powerful tool to get you in front of the right people and expand your business. In conclusion, having a robust Facebook page will help you take your online presence to the next level. 

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