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15 things I learned from Inman Connect 2018

I recently attended Inman Connect San Francisco, and it was a great time. @BradInman is part entertainer, part journalist, and part social activist. His conference is a can’t miss, and this year it delivered.

We witnessed a wild interview on stage with Gary Keller.  Moments later, several of his former disciples explained in great detail how they will continue to dismantle KW. Young tech entrepreneurs think we can do a real estate transaction for $500. Well-dressed agents who earn seven figures with super teams from New York explain why that isn’t possible. All of this happens on the same stage on the same day. It was a BLAST!

My 20 yr old social media guru tells me that Twitter is a thing again. Probably because a bunch of old guys on CNN said it was dead a while back. It was a rare chance for me to say, “Well, I was tweeting before you could type young lady.”  Here is the link to my “Tweets”: Inman Connect San Francisco 2018.  

My primary takeaway is that big change is coming to the real estate industry. Ultimately, some combination of relationship, technology, and scale will win the day. The things I learned from Inman Connect 2018 are listed below:  

15 things I learned from Inman Connect 2018

  1. Your database is, was, and will always be your greatest asset. However, we aren’t communicating with it properly; we are losing precious opportunities. You must be connected in real time. @katielance Social Media Guru

  2. Stop with the technology vs relationship debate. It’s over. Technology enables relationships, just like when the first letter was transported as a stone tablet by foot. – Diedre Woolard

  3. Social media is not about lead generation, it is about relationships. Relationships generate and convert leads to lifelong clients. @KatieLance Social Media Guru

  4. There is no magic button for easy Facebook engagement. You have to do the work and actually connect. It’s no different than real life. @KatieLance Social Media Guru

  5. Audio can be consumed everywhere. Therefore, podcasts will become more critical to the future of relationship-based marketing. @BillRisser National Strategy, Fidelity

  6. Video matters. Not because of likes or some marketers’ perspective of increased engagement, but because it fosters connection with the people watching at scale (think TV). Our brain doesn’t distinguish the difference between video or in person when building trust.  @ChelseaPeitz, Author

  7. Authenticity is the new marketing currency. – Katie Clancy @TheCapeHouse

  8. Stories, (IG and FB), are great for shortened 2018 attention spans and for adding authenticity to your brand. Everyone should be documenting their day and journey via stories. Syndicate between IG and FB. @Staciestaub Colorado Realtor

  9. How you look or your personal brand matters more than anything going forward. Large institutions cannot be authentic and therefore struggle to differentiate in a relationship based business.  @robrefken, CEO Compass Real Estate

  10. Realtors are the center of the Referral economy.  In the future, the monetization of those referrals will be the key to economic stability. Prepare for it now! @RobRefken, CEO Compass Real Estate

  11. Regardless of where you work, act like an independent. Keep access to your toolbox, manage your data, and know enough to run your shit. Katie Clancy @theCapeHouse, Realtor

  12. Due to fragmentation, the real estate industry could be the fastest industry to be disrupted by technology. We are one good app away from changing everything. @tnuhauhsoJ Joshua Hunt CEO TRELORA

  13. The Client is the North Star. There is no Swipe Right option for a couple going through a divorce. There will always be agents. @tnuhauhsoJ Joshua Hunt CEO TRELORA

  14. Big data will soon be ubiquitous. All future magic exists in HOW you use the data you have. @MarciJames

  15. When you wake up tomorrow and go to work, there are people who need your help that are willing to pay. Focus on that. #smartguyinthehallway

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