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Your Opportunity to Teach through Social Media

In this digital era, your audience is more informed than ever before and they want to make educated decisions before making a commitment. Social media offers your brand a platform to teach and inform your consumers.

Think about your industry and ask yourself, what concepts can you explain on social media that will add value to your services and set you apart? You need to target a specific group, pick a topic that is relevant, and deliver valuable insight.

Choose your Audience – 

What grouping of people do you want to teach, and what questions might they have?

For example, if you’re in the mortgage business, you can create categories of customers from the types of loans you offer. You can make educational content for first-time home buyers, people ready to refinancing, families looking for a bigger home, or someone looking to relocate. Once you know who this content is for, it makes it easier to pick a topic!

Pick a Relevant Topic to Explain – 

Try these sample prompts to get started:

  1. What is a recent change that affects your business? 

  2. What tools do you offer that your competition does not?

  3. Share an example of how you helped someone overcome a situation and how?

  4. Compare and contrast a product. Going back to the mortgage example, you could explain the benefits/differences between a 15-year vs. a 30-year mortgage.

  5. What’s happening in the market, and what does that mean for consumers in your area?

  6. What industry jargon can you simplify for your audience?

Remember, you want to break down the difficult concepts and explain everything simply, and in a way that relates your service directly to their lives. Don’t just tell them how this affects them, show them how your knowledge benefits their future. 

Design Video and Post – 

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience and topic you’re ready to put it all together! Create an outline of points you want to make, and record a quick video to get the most engagement! To accompany the video, you can create a post that shares highlights, and any tips you recommend.

Nextview Pro-Tip:

Try creating a story out of your informational post, check out our article on Instagram stories!

By creating educational posts you become a credible resource for your followers. If you can offer your audience something of value, they will automatically start to like you more and will view you as their contact within your industry. Show that you care about your clients and help them make informed decisions. Focus on building trust, and they will be persuaded to use your services over your competitors.

The goal is for people to find your content useful and to share it with the people they know who are thinking about these topics, which will organically grow your audience. 


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