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Use Social Media to Invest in the Foundation of Your Business: Your Community

As a service professional, you are selling more than your services; you’re selling your brand. Start building your brand locally, and use social media to connect with people in your community. 

Think about what expertise you offer that goes above and beyond what other professionals in your industry can give. It can be your experience, previous career choices that increase your knowledge, or your connection to the area. Find what sets you apart, and start marketing that as a reason potential clients should choose you.

To learn more about setting yourself apart, check out our blog about Discovering Your Unique Value Proposition.

What can you advocate for, support, or share? 

Connection to your community gives you roots that benefit your business. Give people reasons to visit your social media pages, beyond needing your services. Remember, the goal is to stay connected with your community to build a strong base. Highlight local events, charities, or fundraisers. 

Social media is your opportunity to help your community. 

Social media is your opportunity to give back to your community by supporting local businesses, organizations, and raising awareness about local news/events. The more involved you are in the area, the higher the chance that people will be able to recommend your business to their friends and family. Write about what matters to you, and pull your content from your love of your area. 

  1. Shop Local: Partner with other businesses to promote each other, and share how local businesses are making a difference. Show your support by investing in local, small businesses. They might return the favor and want to support you as well! 

  2. Get involved: Join a committee, or volunteer locally to help build your community up. Share about your experience, and invite others to join you. You can even host an event, for example, try putting together a client appreciation party, or a fundraiser for a good cause! 

  3. Be a Connector: As a service professional, you’re regularly meeting people, you’re a great resource to refer people to other trusted professionals. Give a shoutout to someone you know that is killing it in their field! It’s a great way to build your relationships with both your audience and other professionals. 

For more ideas about getting involved, read 10 Ways to Get Your Business Involved in the Community by Always keep in mind that your business page should be a resource for people. Your audience should be able to see at a glance what’s happening in the area and learn about your services. Your credibility will develop as you start building the foundation of your business. 

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