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The Purpose of the Platform: Facebook Social Strategy

Facebook business pages are like a website for your business. It will represent your brand and increase your SEO ranking. You may not get as much engagement on the platform as before, but they’re still relevant to your social strategy. A Facebook business page is necessary to establish a robust digital handshake. It’s important to post consistently on your page and to share some testimonials on your personal Facebook page. You can use the engagement levels from your personal page to increase your content’s reach. 

Make sure that your contact information is accurate and that you’re updating information as needed. All your platforms should be consistent with your brand, to learn more about matching your information, read our blog post, Defining Your Brand Through Consistency: Maintaining Your Online Presence.  If you’re looking for an overview of Facebook Business pages, check out Hootsuite’s article,  Facebook Marketing in 2020: How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook makes it easy to share content with your audience; some content that you should consider posting to your page includes – articles, community events, videos, and personal content. 


Your articles should provide relevant information that pertains to your audience. Pick credible sources, and have a system for discovering your content. When you post the articles, mention your professional opinion and add some additional value to the information being provided.  


Facebook events are a great way to connect with your local community and share upcoming events. You can quickly share these on your page, or create your own events. If you are having a hard time finding events, you can always share virtual events or opportunities for people to get involved in volunteer or donation opportunities. 


Dynamic content will drive the most engagement, so start using stories and videos to increase your reach. Find a way to incorporate your personality into your videos to help your audience get to know you. If you want to improve your reach, try using Facebook’s live video feature. 

Personal Content: 

Whenever you post something about your life, it generates much more engagement than a business post. Be sure to include some content that helps your audience get to know you and represents who you are. 

Beyond having organic content, you will want to consider a paid Facebook marketing strategy. 

Many brands have found success using Facebook’s advertising feature to increase their reach or to raise brand awareness. Keep in mind that you want your ad to appeal to a broad audience and have a low level of commitment to encourage clicks. A great ad will offer something of value to your target market, so consider what your brand can promote. To learn more, read our article, Social Strategy: Organic Content vs. Paid Reach.


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