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The 7 Commandments of The Digitized MLO

The term digitization is everywhere.It has become a mantra, a strategic planning cornerstone and the source of nightmares for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEO’s alike. I met with a big time Mortgage Planner a few weeks ago. By big time, I mean 7 mil per month, small team, all self sourced. Before we wrapped up, I asked if they would grade their team on digital strength. They looked me in the eyes and said 9 out of 10.

Reality is subjective.

That is what makes our lives so darn interesting! I pulled up a couple of browser tabs and started typing away, “Well, you should probably buy the URL for your name, your LinkedIn profile says you work at your previous company and your company website has a picture of you from the mid 90’s. You don’t use SMS to convert leads and your “CRM” is a glorified marketing list.”

In order to grow your business with via digitization, it needs to be implemented from Lead Generation to Clients Under Management. YOU must be a strategic decision to modernize your business. We outlined four reasons to digitize a while back and released an ebook on the value you bring to the table. The next step was to define the 7 Commandments of the Digitized Real Estate and Mortgage Pro and a FREE assessment tool.

The 7 Commandments Of Digitization

1) Clearly Define The Value You Add 2) Maintain a Digital Handshake Converts 3) Build a Volume Knob On Your Lead Platform 4) Manage Multi Channel Customer Journeys 5) Leave No Lead Behind 6) Close Clean, Close On Time 7) Manage Mortgages For Life

So, we did the assessment. The aforementioned top producer scored a 3 out of 10. Most of us can be doing more to integrate technology into our referral based businesses. Do the assessment and see where you land!

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