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Measuring Success: The Purpose of Social Media for Service Professionals

Avoid Falling for Vanity Metrics:

Have you noticed that your business page’s posts are not getting as many likes as they used to? Over the past few years, Facebook and Instagram have changed their algorithm to reduce organic reach. Their income revolves around advertising, and they want businesses to pay for advertising. Don’t be discouraged, even with these changes! Having an effective page is not about how many likes you get; it’s about your visibility and consistency.

Why is social media important? 

Social media is still one of your best platforms to keep your brand in front of potential clients. If you’re consistently posting, you’re building credibility. There are three significant benefits to being active on social networks – 

  1. Affordable:

Marketing your business on social media is extremely cost-effective compared to other advertising options. You can still have a useful business page without a large budget.

  1. Accessible:

People are searching for businesses online before anything else. If you are not on the first page of a search engine, they will look for someone else. Your social media increases your chance to be found. 

  1. Advancing Your Digital Reputation: 

Your online presence offers potential clients an opportunity to research you before reaching out for your services. Your page should convey honesty, and your personality should come through, so they feel a connection to you.  

What is the purpose? 

Building a strong brand on social media takes time and effort. Focus on creating a page that represents who you are. It should be welcoming to potential customers. Online leads are vital for your business to flourish. 

Think of social media as your referral tool. Your audience should consist of a mix of business and personal contacts. 

Your posts remind people who know you that you’re active within your industry, but the primary purpose is to show history. You want to impress newcomers who visit your page. 

Follow a social media strategy, and your page will look established with consistent posting and active followers. 

Is the size of your audience or the level of engagement more important?

Facebook and Instagram value posts that get high levels of engagement. Keep in mind that your audience doesn’t have to be very large. If the members are active and support you – that’s all you need.

It’s better to have 100 followers that comment and care about your business than 1,000 ghost followers. For more information about increasing your engagement, read this article by Social Media Today. 

What this means for you as a Service Professional: 

As a service professional, your brand needs to set you apart from the rest. Distinguish yourself as an established professional with a robust online presence, and it will help you win clients. 

The ideal situation is that a potential client searches for your page, and scrolls through to get a feel for your business. If your page wins them over, and they follow you, you’re ahead of your competition! 

To learn more about what metrics you should be paying attention to, read Tracking Social Media Metrics Effectively.


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