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Make the Most of Your Connections: Utilizing your Database to Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience on social media is an important, continuous task for building your network. Take the time to go through your database and connect with all your contacts. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but your social media is the best platform to keep in touch with a large number of people in an efficient and manageable way. 

Start Connecting: 

Get in the habit of connecting with everyone you meet in your professional world. If you are working with clients or meet someone within your personal/professional life, connect with them to stay top of mind. Beyond growing your network, these people could refer business to you in the future. By increasing your audience, you’re creating opportunities to keep up with more people than you could in other marketing channels. 

It doesn’t take much time to send a friend request to a couple of people at a time. Set a weekly goal for the number of connections. Make sure the number is attainable, and something you can consistently follow through. 

Channeling Your Indirect Marketing:

Once you’ve established who you want to add on your social, you have options. You can invite them to like your business page or stay connected as friends. The people you want to like your business page are your friends, family, past clients, or anyone who supports your business. Furthermore, It’s a reminder to them that you are an active professional, that appreciates any referrals or recommendations. 

Organic Reach on Business Pages: 

Facebook business pages have dramatically lost their organic reach. As a result, businesses are paying for advertising. Paid ads are an effective marketing strategy but shouldn’t be the only source of business. Consistent support from your community is worth much more than posting an ad and hoping for a return. 

Commit to nurturing your established relationships. Don’t overlook the people who are well connected and within your reach. Building a strong online presence will pay off in the long run by keeping you top of mind. The marketing Rule of Seven, states that people need to be exposed to a marketing message at least seven times for it to sink in. 

Your business page serves as a constant reminder to your audience that you’re available for all their needs. Remember to share business content on your personal social to increase exposure. For more information on improving your post’s visibility, read our post “Social Media Best Practices: Make the Most of Your Posts.”

Start growing your audience today! Your relationships are vital to long-term success for service professionals. Once you’ve accomplished connecting with your database, take it a step further. Connect with the people surrounding your personal life. After that, start cultivating your relationships and build meaningful connections over time. Social media is your referral tool that can be very effective if used with purpose. 


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