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How to use LinkedIn as a Real Estate Pro

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Linkedin is having its moment in the sun.  We have always loved it for its no-nonsense content feed, minimal advertising, and resume level profiles. During our monthly Digital Handshake classes, it is apparent that most of the Real Estate community is underutilizing LI as a powerful business generation tool. Gary Vaynerchuck is making LI a significant focus for his content in 2019 and beyond. Below we share a few tips to get you on the right track.   

When talking about social media internally, we use three buckets, audience, content, and engagement. This three-pronged approach will keep your strategy focused on the most critical aspects of your social. To get started, here’s what you should be doing on LinkedIn. 

Grow Your Audience

Your Clients are likely to have a LinkedIn profile because most of them have a job or business. Above all, make sure you are connected. Actively manage who you want to be a part of your network. Make the most of these connections by engaging with their content to stay top of mind. 

To Do:  Download your database into a CSV or put it into your Google Contacts.  In the MY NETWORK section of Linkedin, upload the database or syncronize the Contacts.  This is magic, it will tell you who is on Linkedin, and you can send connection requests.   

Pro-Tip:  Keep in mind, you can only send so many connection requests at one time, so this needs to be a long term activity. Get in the habit of adding people to your network every week.

The Right Content

Linkedin is the place to talk about business and add value. Post meaningful business content and your expert opinion a couple of times a week.  Organic reach is very high on LI today. That means your connections will see your content. However, be careful not to FACEBOOK the platform and lose interest.    

To Do:  

  1. We love to share curated articles we find on the interwebs or in other LI feeds. Just click share and add your expert commentary.   

  2. Linkedin gives you a great tool to share content that is trending.  The “Today’s News and Views” often has excellent real estate focused headlines.  Start by having an opinion and share the native LI article.    

Pro-Tip:  Don’t be afraid to “Piggyback” on great content.  When someone I follow or admire posts a great article, I share their post and add my own commentary. Additionally, it increases credibility and improves your exposure. 


The best way to stay top of mind with your target client base is to engage in meaningful discussions. As a result, LI is an amazing place to have thoughtful industry discussions.   

To-Do:  Follow hashtags that matter to your industry and join relevant groups.  Whether you are working to close a sale, recruit a new team member, or build your business, your engagements are discoverable and keep you top of mind.  

In conclusion, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for managing and growing your professional network. It’s also the perfect platform for your business content and establishes your credibility. Be an active member on the platform, and watch your community grow. Your focus should be on providing educational content, resources, professional opinions, and adding value wherever you can.

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