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How to Start Pairing Your Social and Email Marketing to Maximize Your Reach [Repost]

Digital communication rapidly changes, so there is a high probability that your message will get lost in the noise. With that being said, it does not mean that it is not extremely useful. According to the Direct Marketing Association, 58% of all direct consumer revenue comes from email campaigns. Additionally, a recent study by Forbes recorded that 78% of people said that social media posts from companies influence their buying decisions. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have a robust online presence. To ensure your message is received, a solution is to pair your email and social media marketing to work in parallel. 

Keep Your Database up to Date: 

Your database is the hub for your network; don’t let it become obsolete. The data should be current and help you foster meaningful connections. Store the information that is important to you and develop a system for updating the records. 

Maintaining Your Social Media Connections:

One of the benefits of digital marketing is it creates opportunities to keep up with your network in real-time. Connect with each contact on every platform to maximize your reach. How many of your database contacts are you connected with on your social media? The social media platforms are different, so be mindful of what type of content you post on each to provide value for that audience.  

Pairing Email with Your Social: 

Online marketing should be thoughtful and delivered with purpose. Focus each post on a goal that aligns with your overall strategy. For example, here are a few different ways you can use email and social together: 

  1. Posting content to remind people to check their email

  2. Offering more information or something of value when they subscribe to your email list

  3. Monthly updates/promos 

When you’re creating your item of value, keep your audience in mind. Subscribing to an email list should always make the person feel important and like they’re receiving a benefit. Send out emails consistently at the rate you find to be most effective. Depending on your industry, that could be anywhere between weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  

Continually Grow Your Following: 

Ideally, both your social and database should be growing simultaneously. When you get a new email subscriber, business contact, lead, or follower, those should be inputted into your CRM

Using email and social together is an excellent way to maximize your reach. Build stronger relationships by actively using social and reaching out to them through email. When you use email communication, make sure that you’ve already connected with them on a personal and professional capacity. Social media is the ultimate tool for building your referral network.

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