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A Platform for Discussion: Give your Audience a Chance to Share their Thoughts

The content you post should resonate with your audience and provide a platform for discussion. Social media allows you to start conversations that showcase knowledge, connections, and transparency on your page. 

Get your followers involved! Ask a client to share their story about working with you or their experiences related to your industry. For example, if you’re a mortgage lender, have them share about the first time they bought their home. 

Beyond hosting interviews with clients, another great way to get your followers to engage is to ask for their thoughts. Show that you value their opinions by asking questions. 

Ask these questions to get started – 

  1. What year did you buy your first home? 

  2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

  3. What were the interest rates like when you purchased your home?

  4. Do you think putting 20% down on a home loan is necessary?

  5. Is a refinance right for you? 

Once you’ve thought of the question you want to ask, you need to set your post apart from the rest. What grabs your attention when you’re scrolling through your feed? Focus on what you like, and apply it to your post. Always include a colorful, exciting image to pause their scrolling. Keep your posts clean, stylish, and engaging. After your post piques their interest, it’s time for the most critical part – engagement. Your social strategy should look deeper than likes; it’s about attention. 

Try these strategies to get more shares, reactions, and comments: 


Ask a co-worker or other industry professionals to share your post on their social media. 

Ask your loyal followers to share your information with people they know who might need your services. 


Post something that people will react with a “love,” “wow,” or “haha.”  

Appeal to emotions by posting photos of places locals love or make them feel connected.


Ask a question, and see what kind of answers people comment! Always respond to comments, and let people know that their feedback matters to you.

Your social media strategy should focus on engagement as your main component for measuring success. The new metrics that matter the most are your reach, completion rate, and exits. Data from these categories gives you more insight into how well your content is resonating with your audience. 

To learn more, read this great article “If Likes No Longer Matter on Social Media, Then What Does?” 


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